one year ends

I can hardly believe the year is almost over, another slipped by. i never quite get the whole idea of a party to throw out the old and bring in the new. i like to celebrate now in a quiet way. i am eager to start this New Year with all the new ideas i have running thru my head and a art room filled with things to touch and create with.
i hope this New Year brings all of us closer to our creative self and the world closer to the peace we all deserve.
Give of yourself and give to yourself. each is worth gold to those around you.



oh my it is almost here that special incredible day that i love so. family, food and yes presents. where does the time go?
i have had a few moments of stitching which is incredible this time of year. i worked on my "Hare Pyns" project by Sherri Woods and i love the Florentine pattern.
i picked up sweet Mary which always makes me happy.
and last but not least i have stitched a bit on my needle book for the Guild's surprise give away in February.
I have been charting a bit on the changes i want for the online Judy Odell class the Victorian Chest. i always have these ideas in my head and think oh this will be easy but of course it always takes more time than i want. i know i will love it in the end but now i just want the chart done. i always have to add my touch.
so another night and i will try to get a few stitches in before bed.
remember enjoy the moment each goes by much to fast.


it's here!

yes the snow is here.
i have been waiting for its arrival and it looks lovely. it always brings a hush over my world, everything seems to quiet down and i look at things in a new fresh light.
i know all the complaints about the hassles of it, driving, shoveling and most likely others. yet i still love the newness of it, the pleasure of something so white, so light, that can literally make me stop and enjoy the simpleness of the moment.
i love the idea that it makes everyone slow down, no matter who you are.
do we all look at it with the same child like eyes.
i know for me i never tire of it and each year i am eager to see it fall so softly from the sky.
Happy Holidays to all, find pleasure in something simple!


the pleasure of a new project on 40 count

i love the start of a new project any project. the ideas rush in and i spend days thinking about how i want it to look. I enjoy the process as much as the final piece. sometimes a color will set me in motion and sometimes a simple photo or chart. if i happen to be stitching a project from another designer i will always change it a bit to represent me.
i love 40 count linen and i love stitching on silk. the design comes to life so fast and you feel the instant the needle pulls the thread thru that you have made a good choice.
i try not to stress over any project if i feel that i am not feeling positive about the design i put it aside for awhile. it is amazing what time can do for the creative process.
no matter what i have to have needle and thread near by. the day is not complete with a stitch or two.


thankful days

i have allot to be thankful for and yet i know many who do not have what i have. i try to remember always all that make my life good and easy. i know many probably suffer for what i take for granite. yet each year i try to live more simply and to buy things that are made without harming another person or animal. i can't say i am always successful but i try my best. even buying organic and local made items feels like i am getting a little closer to what i believe in.
spend this holiday season with this thought in mind. buy only what you truly need and if you buy for want remember to buy with this in mind, where it was made and how.
we all complain about the state the world is in, but we all helped it get there.
so spend this season making your views known by the way you buy. it does make a statement and it does make a difference.
here is to a world where all needs are met and where no one goes without health care, food or shelter. it really could be a simple way to live for all.


Christmas? oh my

well not quite but i did finished my little wool christmas tree designed by "Dames of the Needle". now all it needs is the little mouse that sits under it and the cute elf shoe, plus the beautiful scissor sheath that goes with the unique angel scissors designed by Kelmscott.
i love this time of year and especially enjoy all the decorating. i only wish for some snow to really put me in the mood.
seems a bit silly after the christmas talk but i am off to Las Vegas to enjoy some time with my daughter, her friend Jenna and her mom. hopefully i will find a bit of sun and warmth till next summer. also i hope to get a few stitches in!
i had a very productive day today cleaned the house, plus our friend Kyle came over and finished the duct work under our house so now we are all nice and cozy warm. no mice so far and i am a happy house owner again.
till next time keep stitching.


Incredible November at the Attic in Arizona

well what more could a stitch addict ask for than 5 days of stitching classes and samplers from the 1800's and friends!
Mesa, Arizona surrounded by friends, learning, playing and shopping of course. i am always so amazed at how creative the stitching world is. Elizabeth from "Dames of a Needle" is one of those who always adds a bit of whimsy which is so refreshing and her designs are so unique. "Chessie and Me" designer also came up with a very sweet autumn sampler which will be fun to stitch. "Needlemade Designs" created an over the top book with the Night Before Christmas as the theme. We also had a simple lesson on dying linen with Pat from "Lakeside Linen". to top it all off i actually won, really i "WON" a door prize never ever have i won any type of prize so just to hear my name called was enough to almost make me scream. um can't remember if i did? i received a beautiful colorful paisley bag filled with "Kelmscott Design" goodies inside. Scissors, needle minders, coaster, thread winders, oh my! i was in shock and so very appreciative. What an incredible closing ceremony. i am still in hog heaven.
Arizona is a great place to visit the weather was a bit cool but warmed up on Monday for my last day. i marveled at the cactus and the long stretches of open space. once again the construction is over the top and i wonder how many strip malls does one place need? i am looking forward to 2010 and hope that all the stars and sand are pointing the right direction for me to be able to attend it again. believe me twice is not enough.


Veteran's Day

This afternoon Blake, Emily and i helped James and the "Veterans for Peace" set up there memorial to all those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each year when i see these simple white markers with the names and ages of those killed in this senseless war my heart truly gets heavier. Blake even said when he helped 5 years ago he notice they were mostly his age and now they are younger and the numbers have grown.
It was cold, rainy and i was so impressed with all those who showed up to help. i only wish we had learned our lesson in Vietnam. How do you change a country that you don't know the language or the customs. Democracy can not come out of the end of a gun. i have a heart filled with pain this Veterans day.
i see in James' eyes the pain of knowing what each of them went thru and what those who do come home have seen and now have to live with.
i wish for Peace and i dream of Peace and i do my best to live in Peace.
make a difference no matter now small.


picture of Hare Pyns project

i thought it was about time i posted a picture of my Hare Pyns project. it is coming along slowly since i seem to have so many other things i am also working on. plus life itself gets in the way some days. i absolutely love the colors Sherri Woods has chosen for this project. if you haven't checked out her work you must she is amazing.
we had another amazing day here cold and sunny went for a wonderful walk with my daughter and our dogs. saw a blue heron on the shore eating fish out of the Puget sound, incredible! i love the northwest!
just a short post to share my slow but sure progress on my little hares.


try again

myabe this time the picture will print.. oh well

something for my british stitching friend

this is something i stitched and made for my Uk friend. a needle case. simple and fun to do.

stitching in the wind

what a great week it has been went to my friends Becky's house down by Seattle and stitched with a handful of other stitching friends. Ate a great lunch, plus some show and share. I always look forward to this time of the month when we eat, stitch and share. We talk about everything, nothing seems to be off limits. i love that we can share our heart aches and of course laughter is a must! Stitching and Friendship goes hand in hand nothing compares to it.
another rainy, windy night here. i do love the sound of the wind but always worry will the trees stay standing?
i did spend a little time stitching on my Hare Pyns project this week. would love to get that done. sometimes i can stitch for hours no mistakes but this last week i have made more mistakes than i care to admit. I had to rip some out but i did leave some in, it will be my little personal signature on my piece. i get so bothered by the mistakes but i have to remember this is relaxing and creative. so what's a little mistake going to do and only i will know for sure if it is meant to be or not. i love the colors on this piece the reds, greens, browns and gold so bold.
i have spent more time with my daughter than stitching but i am so happy she is here. i love that we can enjoy each other and just hang out and talk. we have been going to yoga together and that has really been nice.
another day over and many ideas left for tomorrow to try but all in all i have no complaints.
life is great.
Happy Halloween!


Fall is here!

oh my what a fall it has been rain harder than i have ever seen and the wind. wiped out electricity here for a few hours.

I have been busy stitching my Hare Pyns project from Sherri Woods and love how it is looking will post soon. Finished my Oct. part of Lady's Chest from Judy O'dell and love how it looks too. Not sure anything would make me unhappy about stitching and if it did i would change it. I did change some of the lady's chest design.

Two friends are coming tomorrow to stitch on Mary Wigham that we started on Guemes Island this summer. I always look forward to days of stitching with friends. Food, talk and threads!

I love the view i have in this house you can see it at the beginning of this writing. I think i stare more at it than at my stitching.

i have been reading two very different books this month. "Madame de Pompadour" by Christine Pevitt Algrant is visually fantastic. i think of the wonderful hand stitched clothes they wore back then. The time and energy those who made them put into them. I remember walking thru the V&A many years ago seeing some of the beautiful hand stitched pieces. Oh to return!

the other book i just finished was "The Man Who Loved Books too Much" by Allison Bartlett .


kitty high five!

Ali cat is giving a big paw high five he is too cute!
well i am sure fall is here and winter is not far away. rained a bit today and the chill in the air reminds me that snow maybe in our forecast this winter..Yes! i hope so.

had a great time with Emily the past two days she stayed with me dog sitting and we ate hot fudge and ice dream watched TV and of course yoga just to make sure we were covering all our bases.

i am now trying to finish up my lady chest piece for this month and then i really want to get my Hare Pyns finished. i also have a needle book i need to have finish by Jan. and then i also joined a Christmas tin exchange. i hope to make something to put in it and then i will fill it with goodies to give to a woman in Colorado. i am telling myself no new projects till i get at least "Mary" or the Truth Sampler done. i also want to make an Xmas ornament for my sister exchange.

em and i bought plane tickets to Las Vegas end of November we will meet her friend Jenna and her mom for a few days. Jenna is paying for hotel and we got cheap tickets who could say no. it will be fun to travel with Em it has been awhile since we have. it is so nice having her here, i am always pleased to see what a great person she has turned out to be. i look forward to a holiday with both kids near and maybe a family trip.

well now i need to stitch and who knows maybe a movie.



just so you know that last photo is in my garden. um, should take one of the view here? next time.

what i know

it been awhile and here i am at my favorite house. who could complain views of water sky everywhere, plus a cute little dog running around keeping me company. i have been trying to get some stitching in between Emily coming down from Alaska and yoga. it has been great to have both kids here in town, i love them so and enjoy their company. times are hard and i am so happy that James and i can help lend a hand when needed.

i started the second part of my Victorian chest by Judy Odell and also been working on the cute Hare Pyns by Sherri Woods.i must admit i went online yesterday to look at an online cross stitch show and i keep seeing things that i know i could design or do better. do i have the energy? do i have to total know how? do i have the time? i always have a ton of thoughts of things i want to make, design, play with yet i find that i still hold myself back. i think years of hearing negative feed back about who i am has not helped. yet what is my excuse now. no one holding me back no one talking crap to me? um it's me. scared of failure of no one liking it. maybe i just need to start and see what happens start small. who knows maybe 2010 will be the year i start small or big!

fall is here and i love the cool breeze and this winter i have to many plans but look forward to them all. i feel the best i have in years and i know things are getting better somewhere and here. i only hope that this new winter brings us closer to understanding who we are as a whole and as individual. life is to short to hate and fight.


september days

i can't believe the month is almost over as usual i have much to do and mostly in my poor garden. i have ignored it the whole month and it looks like it.
i spent a great weekend in Redmond with my friend Beth and Sherri Jones from Patrick's Woods design and what a weekend. i feel so blessed that i have such a great friend and then to take an incredible class from Sherri. What more could i ask for. We spent Friday night picking up Sherri at the Airport, then we went for a bite to eat out on the water in Seattle. A perfect warm no wind night. How amazing for the northwest.
Saturday woke early to get to class in time. Spent the day stitching with other NSG members and what a great project Sherri designed. "Hare Pyns" a beautiful stitcher's pocket with cute wooden hare thread keep and ruler to add to the fun. After class picked up a pizza or two and home to Beth's house. A relaxing dinner with Beth's family and then off to Beth's incredible craft/ sewing room in the basement, oops can't forget the red wine. We laughed and looked at all of Beth's goodies and she has tons. I came away with some great books that she had two of. You know how stitchers or book collectors are always forgetting, "Do we have that book?" i felt like i had woken up to Christmas when i came home and looked through the books oh my what a score. Plus the lovely silk thread thrown in. What more could i have wanted to make this a weekend i will keep in my memory forever. thank you both!
On Monday night my sweet hubby James was presented with the "Howard Harris lifetime Peace Achievement" award . i felt so insignificant in the crowd what an amazing group of people. John Dear a Priest from New Mexico was one of the guest speakers what a incredible man. It makes me feel safer knowing that there are people out in my world who truly believe that non violence is a way of life that can be reached. The music was fantastic and to see James up there excepting his award with the whole audience standing to recognize him took my breath away. I know what he believes in and i know the time he spends getting out the word of non violence, yet i was still so moved. a great month i must admit.


late night

up late
i love the idea that i can share what i want at any time and come back at any time and reread what i wrote. fast, easy.
i have heard many comments from people about parents of adult children and how some parents give to them or help them out. It feels almost negative when i hear them speak about it. i think for some it is because they have not had children so they do not understand that bond. Yet for those who have children i guess it could relate to jealousy. I can't imagine not wanting to give to my children or help them if i am able. i find that joy as fulfilling as receiving something unexpected from a friend. i knew the moment i saw each of them that my heart was fuller than it had ever been. nothing i have would be worth keeping if i knew they were in need. I also feel that way about friends and most people in general. maybe that is what is wrong with society is we don't care or give enough of ourselves. we are in such a hurry to fill our needs that we don't have the time or heart to think of those who are in need. i have been reading all this negative press about health care and illegal aliens and i wonder where has our heart gone. what truly has been taken from you that you suffer so. maybe what we suffer from is what we our selves have done to each other. i only hope for all the little ones i know that this world becomes a more caring, giving place. it does feel a little late but i always wish..


hot september day

I believe if you want more of a summer day drive to Lynden, WA., it is always 10 degrees hotter in summer and 10 degrees cooler in winter, crazy. today was hot hot hot! i went for my doggy walk and then sat outside to read. I have been reading Henry duPont bio written by his daughter very good read all about Winterthur, which is my main focus. Got a little to hot outside so off to buy my favorite moca milk shake at local coffee joint. thank goodness they have one in Lynden. Decide to sit and stitch a bit on Mary Wigham. I wish i were home i would be sewing, i have a great pattern for a coat for the fall and i want to start it now of course.

I have been thinking allot about why some are afraid of the idea of health care for those who can't afford it. I only hope that our government will do the right thing and vote for a universal health care package. I am over trying to reach out to those who have no ideas except to stop what others need. i am over trying to negotiate on both sides of the so called aisle when they bring no ideas to the table. i am over trying to listen when all they seem to want to do is yell rude comments when others try to speak. i was so appalled when President Obama was yelled at during his speech before Congress and even called a liar. Would they have put up with someone calling there President a liar while speaking to congress. So rude and totally immature. I am afraid that the USA has lost its respect for others. Let us hope that we take it back this year. i will always vote for what helps those who are in need no matter what the cost, hell what has this war cost us? they seem not to be concerned about it? ummm

i think it is time to stitch and relax and only hope we have no health crisis this year and the same for you.


summer books and such

well here i sit in Lynden, WA. animal sitting and the big clouds of fall are everywhere. I love the dark fluffiness of them, plus i just love the fall. wish i were home to work the last few days in my garden to put it to sleep, but will have time for that next month.

i have been working on Mary Wigham and also picked up the little sampler i stitched from the symposium in Arizona last year it looks great framed will post a pic. I really haven't pick up the Truth sampler in days it is a piece that i need to really concentrate on when i do. so many different specialities stitches. i do love seeing Mary come to life, i love all the varied shades of white who knew there were so many. I have been reading a great book called"Madame de Pompadour by Christine Pevitt Algrant. i also bought finally the English Embroidery big book on the Metro Museum of Art exhibit called "Twixt Art and Nature" love it. i and couldn't stop there also been reading Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart very easy read on the atrocities of different plants, incredible interesting for plant lovers out there.

so needless to say i spent my money on books this month.

well looks like another night of TV and stitching not allot to do in Lynden and boy how do people get use to that cow smell. i love the country but glad i live just far enough away to have fresh air. enjoy your air wherever you are.


small wonders

I can' t believe it Wylie's Birth Sampler is stitched. Now i need to decide how to frame or what to do with it to finish it. i am happy with how it looks and enjoyed thinking about this small little one i have yet to meet as i stitched. he has a full life ahead hopefully filled with ease and wonder. i know he will be loved by many and i hope he grows up to take chances and learn to give, to love and enjoy each day as it comes. I know that Jill has many gifts to give him and it will be a wonderful adventure to see him grow.

life can be full of goodness we only have to make it so,no one gives that to you. I have learn that nothing is given to you. that i am what i have created and i make my life what i chose. It can be hard or it can comfortable. i have learn to think positive and to not let those who are negative find space in my heart. the adventures are many and the love is full, what more could i ask for. i know just by the simple fact of where i was born here in North America not in Iraq or Africa and many other third world countries i have been given so much. I had nothing to do with where i was born but i know i have allot to do with how i live.

live your life to the fullest and always remember the goodness in your life.


where do the days go

i love this plant the varigated leaves and pink purple flowers i think it is in the Phlox family.
where has the summer gone or the spring for that matter?

i have been busy stitching and making goodies for my stitching friends. I have been busy making 15 ort boxes for our guild class in Sept. i decoupaged on cardboard tubing with bottoms for a box and it looks great. using material with a sampler theme on it to fit with the Guild.

i am almost finish with Wylie's sampler only 2 left should be done tonight.

Then it is on to Judy O'dell's lady chest class and of course my truth sampler.

i saw Jesse's toy chest and oh my gosh it is beautiful so i need to get going on that too.

have my plane ticket and reservations ready for November in Arizona with stitching friends. i feel bad sometimes that James never comes along i go by myself but i know he would rather stay with our sick dog poppy.

well fall is in the air and i know there is much to finish before i put my garden to bed, eat the tomatoes, dead head and of course enjoy the last blooms.

i also hope to get more yoga classes in maybe 3 times a week instead of 2 my body and soul love it. i feel strong and so much more fit.

life is great.


summer sisters and friends

not sure what happens when i type sometimes i just miss the keys and it disappears oh well
it has been awhile since i posted not sure why. have been a bit busy but also just forget.
i have been stitching on Wylie's sampler and i am almost done. i hope Jill loves it as much as i do. i can't wait to meet his sweet face.
i spent last Saturday celebrating a friends 60th birthday with a group of stitchers. We surprised Julie and it was perfect day. stitchers make the best friends.
i just started a new online class with Judy O'dell called a lady's chest it looks beautiful. Plus i also have Mary and The Truth Sampler to finish. and not to forget one more class in Sept. and that will be enough this year. i will feel so lucky if i get all done by 2010.
i talked to my sister in England today and it is amazing what a voice can do to the heart. it made me miss her even more. we have plans for next year and i hope they come true.
the summer is almost over and it has been full. i feel lucky to be able to sit and stitch it relaxes me just like yoga and that is all i need for now.


one more time for Mary

just a picture

Mary Wigham is here!

just a fast upload of the work i have done on Mary Wigham sampler she is looking so nice. i plan to stitch her all different shades of white to look like lace. sop far so good. a great day to stitch raining outside and my plants needed it. suppose to be sunny all weekend. off to Seattle with a friend to NSG meeting. Haven't been i ages. i love it that someone else drives i hate to drive. well off to stitch..


Mary and Guemes Island

A wonderful weekend on Guemes Island, WA. four of my favorite friends settled in to a big Red Barn and started our Mary Wigham samplers. The weather was perfect no heat just cool breezes and sun. We spent each day stitching on "Mary" and laughing. What more could you ask for. We started the weekend retreat in Anacortes with lunch and shopping then took the ferry over to Guemes Island. It looked like everyone else had the same thought but only missed one ferry and then we were on our way. The Red Barn was beautiful 3 bedrooms and big kitchen two big tables to work and eat on. No cleaning up projects to eat. We spent each day stitching and talking. Took a walk to the old grave yard and found some interesting gravestones, some had such heart tugging sayings. At night i found i fell asleep so easily in the quiet dark dark nights. no city lights here to hide the night skies. We hope to do this twice a year. feel pretty lucky to have such good friends who love what i love.
stitching... till next time


life in the climate warming zone

oh my gosh has the weather here changed or what?? 90's yikes to hot to stitch even. what is a girl to do. i love the rain, cool breezes that the great Northwest used to have to offer, but i have noticed over the past few years the summers changing here. now where do i go for a cool summer?? my poor dog is uncomfortable and my plants look a little sad. yet do i want to waste water on my garden, nope. so i am sitting under a fan and trying to think cool thoughts.
i am off this weekend to Guemes Island to stitch with friends and looking forward to cool slow days. it should be wonderful a old barn made into a house. it is a small island not far from Seattle.
i have stitched a little late at night on Truth. i am now stitching detached button hole in the middle of a flower, so pretty. soon i should have my camera back from the shop to show you my progress, that is what happens when you drop a new camera.
i think this will trun out to be a beautiful sampler can't wait to show you all when i am done.
find coolness if you can.


finished with the knot

yes late last night i finished the celtic knot on the Truth Sampler YEA!! i was so excitied that i thought i would start the next part of the sampler. little did i know that it included back stitching a flower motif that is also complicated. oh my and then it also needs to be filled in with detached buttonhole which is another project. so needless to say this will be one learning truth sampler. i do love the detached buttonhole it is stump work and i love that. i don't do enought of it to really know what i am doing but once i get in a rhythm i will know. so stay tuned for more of my rants and joys over this sampler. i am also planning on starting Mary Wigham sampler soon it is all cross stitch and it is mostly quaker medallions, so beautiful.
went to yoga today after a week of not going and i always come away feeling like i truly have done something so deep for myself, physically and emotionally. one of my favorite teacher Sarah is leaving but i know i will grow to love the other classes just as much. i am always inspired when i walk out of class all sweaty. i feel i could take on the world and smile my way through. it is an incredbile practice i am so happy james and i found our way into it. if you haven't tired it find a flow vinyasa yoga class and give it a try. the heat may at first be strange but when you see what you can do with your muscles when they are heated up you understand. i love my body more now than i did at 20. the only thing i wish would happen is my pain would totally go away. yet it has lessen and that for now is enough for me.
i planted my daphene the other day and i can't wait to smell it's white litle flowers next year. it is right by my front door to welcome me coming or going. i hope you find something sweet to greet you as you come and go to.


mary and the truth sampler

last night i stitched a little on "TS" yes the celtic knot still. hopefully only one more full day and i will be done with that part of it. it looks so nice i almost hate to fill it in.
i recieved my silk threads from Vicki Clayton they look wonderful. i also bought some dark brown 36 count linen from a local shop and i plan on stitching "Mary Wigham Sampler" with whites and off whites to make it look lacy on the brown. very excitied to get started.
i am going on a stitch retreat with 4 other women on July 31st we are going to "Guemes Island" it will be tons of fun. we are staying at "The Red Barn House" close to the Ocean. We all plan on stitching "Mary Wigham" together and posting our progress on "Needleprint" site and my blog. i love this group of women, we all get along and have such fun together. we try to meet each month and stitch. i can be a bit of a recluse so it is nice to get out and visit. i love my home and never get bored here so i do have to push myself to wonder away.
there are a hundreds of women all over the world working on the "Mary Wigham Sampler" it is amazing to see how different each one is.
so till next time be good to yourself


garden and truth

today i spent the day gardening after a trying sunday i thought it best to dig and pull weeds so theraputic. when it doubt garden. my front yard looks great i have it pretty much weed free. and all i need is a few more plants. the lavender is beautiful i cut 5 or 6 bundles today love it. the backyard is a work zone. getting ready for my NSG group to come on the 25th so lots to do. i think maybe i always get a little over sensitive about my house and garden when i know a few people are coming over. i want it to shine. so i still have a few days left to dig and pull.
i did a little stitching last night on the Truth Sampler still stitching celtic knot oh my. but almost done. off to stitch


photos and to plant or not to plant the bamboo saga

today is an easier day i even figures out how to post pictures on facebook. so i am learning.
when i was posting a picture of me i realized again how much i hate pictures of me. i know allot of us have this problem and i wonder why? why can't i just except that i have a crooked smile and that is me, always will be. I look at pictures and pick them apart oh my hair looks bad, my eyes are closed or the one bad eye, then do i smile or look sad all the time. i would think that at 50 i would be more gentle about how i look. I wonder do all the models you see and stars bring it all home again and then why do i care? but i do. i will admit i do have photos i like but when i look at other peoples photos i rarley see a bad one and i always think it looks just like them. so maybe this summer the one thing i need to except is my photos.
worked in the garden today and loved it warm but nice, i just wish myback didnt' hurt all the time but that is my life and damn if i will lay around and not dig in the dirt. i love all my flowers, the crosmia's are beautiful and the hummingbirds love them, plus i have a great pink hardy fuchia that is over 3 feet tall, my red one is great too. i love hostas such big leafs. now bamboo is another story i planted 4 different varieties a few years ago. well needless to say they are huge! a beautiful black one, olive green one too. the worst part is my neighbor hates the one that has started to creep onto her side, yikes so i put a huge metal strip on her side so the bamboo wouldn't come over hope it works. today James spent all morning digging out part of the bamboo that is growing into one of my flower beds. oh well love is never easy in plantlife to i guess.
now it is time to stitch.. enjoy your evening and i hope someone out there finds me and replies.. go ahead give it a try


the big learning curve

oh my gosh i never realized how much time this takes.. i would rather be stitching and hopefully this will get easier and i will begin to understand all that a blog does and can do?/oh my.
i have been working on the "truth sampler" i will try to post a pic who knows with my skills at this. i am still trying to figure out how to let my family and friends know about this blog? like i said a learning curve is huge. but fun.
i spent a whole two days stitching the celtic knots on the truth sampler i have almost three done i must have ripped out each one at least once.. but i am happy with it.
spent part of the morn in the garden my crocosmia are blooming i hope that is how you spell it. they are big and red almost 7 feet tall, and the humming birds love them. getting ready for a NSG potluck here so tons to do this week. good to be home
a beautiful sunny cool day


an over cast day what i call a perfect day to stitch. the 4th of July was great. my son,his girlfriend and a friend of hers plus my hubby.great bbq and laughs!james made some perfect steaks plus we had potatoe salad and corn on the cob which, i soaked in sugar water then bbq. great idea and turned out perfect.
i am trying to learn how to post pictures but so far no go. i did change the pic on the front of blog to the little sampler i am stitching on silk for a new baby in our family "Wylie" born on the 25th of June to my neice Jill. Can't wait to meet him.
i have been also working on the Truth Sampler i don't know about you but that celtic knot work is hard. i have ripped it out more than i care to announce. there must be a trick to it and i have yet to find it. maybe someday if somewhere someone out there reads this they can tell me what that secret is?? hey 3 post and counting heres to a great day of stitching. the rain feel good