Fall is here!

oh my what a fall it has been rain harder than i have ever seen and the wind. wiped out electricity here for a few hours.

I have been busy stitching my Hare Pyns project from Sherri Woods and love how it is looking will post soon. Finished my Oct. part of Lady's Chest from Judy O'dell and love how it looks too. Not sure anything would make me unhappy about stitching and if it did i would change it. I did change some of the lady's chest design.

Two friends are coming tomorrow to stitch on Mary Wigham that we started on Guemes Island this summer. I always look forward to days of stitching with friends. Food, talk and threads!

I love the view i have in this house you can see it at the beginning of this writing. I think i stare more at it than at my stitching.

i have been reading two very different books this month. "Madame de Pompadour" by Christine Pevitt Algrant is visually fantastic. i think of the wonderful hand stitched clothes they wore back then. The time and energy those who made them put into them. I remember walking thru the V&A many years ago seeing some of the beautiful hand stitched pieces. Oh to return!

the other book i just finished was "The Man Who Loved Books too Much" by Allison Bartlett .

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