finished with the knot

yes late last night i finished the celtic knot on the Truth Sampler YEA!! i was so excitied that i thought i would start the next part of the sampler. little did i know that it included back stitching a flower motif that is also complicated. oh my and then it also needs to be filled in with detached buttonhole which is another project. so needless to say this will be one learning truth sampler. i do love the detached buttonhole it is stump work and i love that. i don't do enought of it to really know what i am doing but once i get in a rhythm i will know. so stay tuned for more of my rants and joys over this sampler. i am also planning on starting Mary Wigham sampler soon it is all cross stitch and it is mostly quaker medallions, so beautiful.
went to yoga today after a week of not going and i always come away feeling like i truly have done something so deep for myself, physically and emotionally. one of my favorite teacher Sarah is leaving but i know i will grow to love the other classes just as much. i am always inspired when i walk out of class all sweaty. i feel i could take on the world and smile my way through. it is an incredbile practice i am so happy james and i found our way into it. if you haven't tired it find a flow vinyasa yoga class and give it a try. the heat may at first be strange but when you see what you can do with your muscles when they are heated up you understand. i love my body more now than i did at 20. the only thing i wish would happen is my pain would totally go away. yet it has lessen and that for now is enough for me.
i planted my daphene the other day and i can't wait to smell it's white litle flowers next year. it is right by my front door to welcome me coming or going. i hope you find something sweet to greet you as you come and go to.

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