A little shoe and a gift.

One of the places we planned on visiting back east while at Winterthur and Philadelphia was "Ruth Van Tassel Baumann American Antiques" What fun it was to step into a beautiful antique store with furniture and Sampler galore. Ruth and her husband were incredibly friendly and set up a beautiful table of delicious goodies for us. The best cheese i have ever had if only i could remember the name????
Her samplers are a must see if you are in the area and her prices are very fair.
unfortunately i did not have the $$ to purchase one on this trip but i did purchase a tiny little pin cushion.

i collect miniature shoes and i couldn't pass up a show pin cushion from the early 19th century.

and of course a cute little lady walked a few blocks in this shoe.
don't you get really happy when you find something you never knew you needed.
 and the other great goodie i received on this trip was a homemade gift from Becky (In the Company of Friends fame)
i love it

the inside has all of kinds of goodies and the scissors are birdy-licious.
thanks again Becky


Samplers and A Crazy Quilt

i think what i have decided to do is just share some of the incredible things i was lucky enough to see on my trip back east to Winterthur and area.


i love this peacock, i know i will have to try something like it soon.

another great tree and i love the sheep.

i love this crazy quilt i have always wanted to make one and someday i will. this was made in the 1880's and so amazing.
another view of the crazy quilt  the embroidery on it was perfect.

part of a beautiful blue sampler.

1794 Jane Hoope or Koope, love it.

here are just a few reasons we need to support Historical Societies they keep these incredible pieces and share when asked!
more to come...


Winterthur and Historical Societies

where has the time gone.
i have finally returned home after a month away.
spent time with 3 of my sisters in California. One flew in from England which made it extra special.
we visited Big Tree Country and i love the small town feel of Angel Camp,California.
flew in to Seattle after two weeks away just in time to leave on another trip back east with my 3 best stitching friends.
Winterthur Symposium was the main destination but oh it was not the only incredible adventure we had.
of course we saw the amazing Plimoth Jacket ( more later on this)

we started our journey early on Monday morning. Fall was in the air and the trees were so colorful.
 our first day included the James Logan House, Stenton House with the most gracious curator Laura Keim and then we moved on to Chester County Historical society, Wyck House and Germantown with Elizabeth Solomon another incredible giving woman. Historical Socities have to be one of the best kept secrets for stitched items. When you travel next time make sure you find out where these special places are in advance and take the time to visit, you won't regret it.
we saw so many beautiful samplers and stitched pieces that to name them all would be impossible.

I love this bedtable cut out perfectly for your body, i could see myself stitching all day in bed

this was one of many places we visited in Germantown. i love the stone on the old barn.
love the quilting, more ideas of motifs for stitching?

one of my favorite motifs is the tree.

just a start
it was amazing how filled each day was and all the tiny little stitches along with some of the most beautiful homes. i hope to share many of the photos with you over the next few months so please stop back by and take a look.

i am anxious to start stitching on my on projects now after all this inspiration.