long ago she won the contest

September 2011 i had a contest and only one person entered, well i only had 35 or so followers. the best part is she got the answer right!! i feel terrible it has taken me this long to finally make her something but i knew she would understand since she is one of my favorite stitching friends in the world. 
Patience Julie i hope my gift has arrived and you are enjoying it. i am sorry it took so long, but you know i never forget.

i made this cute little strawberry pin cushion, we have a great little local fabric store here in town and every month they come up with a unique pin cushion and this was one of them.
fun to make and i added the scissors and a buck charm ( not pictured)
 how am i going to send this?

i found an old  wooden box and i used ink to stain the box and then painted some designs with a felt tip pin

this is the top of the box i found some fabric and decoupaged it on top of the box..

i added a little flower and vine on one side.

and i also added some doodles on the back.
i had such fun creating this and i hope my dear friend Julie loves it.


things in the mail

I have been very slow in posting the past 3 or 4 months due to an illness. i have 6 weeks left of treatment and i looking forward to sitting and stitching with my friends who have been so kind to me during this health adventure.
just a few of the cards i have received over the past months. this is when you realize you are not in this world alone when friends and family take the time to make ( my sister Bobbie has sent me many homemade cards), buy and send a card in this digital age. don't you love the little duck bag  look below to see what arrived in it!
i have 3 of the best stitching friends. i have talked about them many times on this blog. we travel together and spend many hours drinking tea, eating and stitching. this is one of many things they have sent me while i have been house bound. Becky stitched the front of this cute little charm holder and her beautiful pink stone hand charm with love on the palm.
the inside was stitched by Julie and she included a cute little cricket!

and Beth stitched this beautiful queen stitched motifon the back, she knows this is my favorite stitch!
This particular gift started with a card in the mail that said how much they loved seeing me at the monthly stitch date?? umm i wasn't there but ok i will go along with the joke, then later that day i received an email with a picture of me i guess on a stick with a shawl wrapped aroung the picutre and a beautiful hat on top of my head sitting at the table with them!!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. they even had a tea cup in front of me with chocolates and of course some stitching just in case i reanimate and want to stitch.
did i say i have some very creative friends.
it has made this whole process of healing so much more easier knowing i have so many people who love me and miss me.
remember to send a friend or foe who is not feeling well  a card in the mail it means allot when your feeling down.
my heart will always remember this time in my life with a smile. thank you friends and family