small wonders

I can' t believe it Wylie's Birth Sampler is stitched. Now i need to decide how to frame or what to do with it to finish it. i am happy with how it looks and enjoyed thinking about this small little one i have yet to meet as i stitched. he has a full life ahead hopefully filled with ease and wonder. i know he will be loved by many and i hope he grows up to take chances and learn to give, to love and enjoy each day as it comes. I know that Jill has many gifts to give him and it will be a wonderful adventure to see him grow.

life can be full of goodness we only have to make it so,no one gives that to you. I have learn that nothing is given to you. that i am what i have created and i make my life what i chose. It can be hard or it can comfortable. i have learn to think positive and to not let those who are negative find space in my heart. the adventures are many and the love is full, what more could i ask for. i know just by the simple fact of where i was born here in North America not in Iraq or Africa and many other third world countries i have been given so much. I had nothing to do with where i was born but i know i have allot to do with how i live.

live your life to the fullest and always remember the goodness in your life.

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  1. The sampler is beautiful. You are so clever, I agree with your sentiments entirely, be thankful for life itself