pillow and creating time

i have been thinking alot lately about why i create and the time i spend doing it. i always wish i was a little more organized and spent more constructive hours producing what i love. i have to remember we are our own harsh critic and i must give myself the time and the positive push to keep doing what i do. one thing i will do this year is keep a notebook with the projects i want to do and those i want to finish. who knows maybe this will give me a little more focus. i know allot of what i do can not be done in a day and not even a week so i need to step back and let the process happen.
learning this blog stuff also takes time and i love how some of you have decorated your blogs. i have yet to figure out how to do that. time more time.
i have so many friends that have given birth recently or are about to. so needless to say i am thinking allot about babies and what i can make for them. there is nothing more pleasing than to create a unique doll, piece of clothing or blanket for a little one.
so now i am back to time.
the necklaces i have been working on are coming along great i have some new ideas and will try to post soon. i even had people come up to me wanting to know where i bought them! boy is that an ego boost. i am so excitied to share, but must work out some of the ideas first. i love the computor but it does take up time and looking at all of your great blogs is so inspiring.
the pillow is just a fast project i did yesterday, was tired of the fabric on the old one so had to change it up a bit. love the alphabet and of course red felt.


scissors scissors everywhere and why can't i find a pair?

i can remember all the times i would look for scissors when my kids were little. all i wanted was a pair of scissor that could cut a piece of fabric. i usually found them on my hubby's desk or somewhere i never expected to find them. usually i find them so dull i wish i hadn't found them. yet now i look at my collection and each one has a story. some were given to me by friends for a special day or were found in a great antique store i happen to wonder into, one pair is from my friends mother's sewing box. the scissor fobs are another story. the creativity of friends always astounds me.
all have special meanings and really it doesn't matter that they may not be as sharp as they should be i just love looking at them and knowing that they have all come from special places. i think that is what collecting is all about. the memories that come along with each object.


anniversary and time

i always wonder where does time go. i know sometimes it is me just wondering thru my day not sure of what i got done. yet i do have days where i work on a project and still feel where did the day go? i am lucky that my hubby doesn't need my constant attention. he entertains himself  like i do. maybe that is why after 33 years we are still going strong. i know that if i need his opinion he will be there and be truthful. i do trust his judgement and i love that he has always encourged me to create. i can remember when we first met i said i would love to play the guitar and he went and bought me one!  i love that he supports me in what i do and what i dream. 33 years of growing together and apart and encouraging both. marriage has been great and who would have thought i would have ended up here. how lucky i am.


accordians,winter and what are you exploring?

isn't this amazing it is my friends accordian. my husband was teaching her how to play and i couldn't resist taking a picture of it what a beautiful instrument.  i would think anyone would feel special playing it and on the other side it says Artist truly an artist made it. no matter how much one may laugh at accordians they sound incredible and look prety cool too. i just had to share. wouldn't you love to learn to play it.
it has been a warm winter here in the Pacific Northwest and i still have not gone into the garden, i just keep telling  myself that this is the time for sewing. i spent all day making new 1 inch 9patches since my first batch were a bit bigger than they should have been. then i started cleaning out my paper drawers. i must have thousands of sheets of beautiful paper for cards, or crafting. i really didn't throw out much just organized. I found some old id's from when i was in college and some library cards when my son Blake was young he is 27 now. time has truly slipped by, each day reminds me that i need to enjoy the people i love and  the time i have to create. How lucky could one woman be.
even thou i would love a colder winter with some snow i still am enjoying the days spent in my craft room finding another idea in my head to explore.

join me and let me know what you are creating?