late night

up late
i love the idea that i can share what i want at any time and come back at any time and reread what i wrote. fast, easy.
i have heard many comments from people about parents of adult children and how some parents give to them or help them out. It feels almost negative when i hear them speak about it. i think for some it is because they have not had children so they do not understand that bond. Yet for those who have children i guess it could relate to jealousy. I can't imagine not wanting to give to my children or help them if i am able. i find that joy as fulfilling as receiving something unexpected from a friend. i knew the moment i saw each of them that my heart was fuller than it had ever been. nothing i have would be worth keeping if i knew they were in need. I also feel that way about friends and most people in general. maybe that is what is wrong with society is we don't care or give enough of ourselves. we are in such a hurry to fill our needs that we don't have the time or heart to think of those who are in need. i have been reading all this negative press about health care and illegal aliens and i wonder where has our heart gone. what truly has been taken from you that you suffer so. maybe what we suffer from is what we our selves have done to each other. i only hope for all the little ones i know that this world becomes a more caring, giving place. it does feel a little late but i always wish..

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