small project

this year is meant for the smalls and all the pieces i have started and not finished
i know we all have a ton of those
and since my health is not where it should be i am going to listen to my body and let it heal.
when the needle and thread calls me i will work on all those projects push aside, months and years ago.
i would be so happy to know i at least finished a few during these exhausting times.
i still have Mary Wigham to finish
The Truth Sampler from many many years ago
Judy O'dell's online class the Lady's Chest
and the Toy Chest, both are stitched just need to be assembled.

this year as every year Northwest Sampler Guild has a challenge that has to be completed by the annual tea in February. This year the theme is TEA! which means you can stitch anything, any size with a Tea related theme.
i picked something extremely simple a bookmarker. I knew i wouldn't have the energy to complete a whole sampler or a big project but also because Tea is not something i would normally design something around. but i am happy it is done it was quick and fun.
here is the front of the bookmarker
i weaved a ribbon thru the bottom and stitched a handful of different stitches on top.
who doesn't love a good book and a cup of tea.

and the back is just the word tea and a little cup.
the ribbon i stitched on was folded in half and stitched together.
so easy and i know i will find it holding that place in a great book.

i hope you have time for a good book, a cup of tea plus a simple project to keep your hands active.


How do you thank someone?

it has been a difficult past few months.
we all know what it is like when you health becomes a major issue and the energy you used to have is no longer standing by.
i have not been stitching as much as i would like and haven't seem some of my dear friends for many months.
the thing that keeps me going beside family and knowing i have another 6 months of treatment if all goes as planned is my sweet dear friends.
i received a huge package the other day and couldn't remember what i had order or why.
i opened it to find...
a fun mixture of goodies that cheered me up instantly.
don't you love the big eyed lady bug, pink nail polish, peppermint lip gloss, chocolate face mask, a cute napkin with a Valentine card, eye pillow that smells like lavender! plus so many cute little cards with such heart felt love. the red bird cage had chocolate hearts inside (yip i ate those, first) and the beautiful homemade bird with a button jar to perch on. plus an assortment of beautiful sampler cards from the National Trust.

here is a close up of the beautiful bird and cage, the wings can hold needles and the red buttons have a great little home for now.
  remember never to give in to the pain or the exhaustion.
when you least expect it a smile can arrive in a box.
thank you to my incredible stitching/traveling friends...
Beth, Becky and Julie. your friendship makes each day a little easier, knowing you are on my side.
see you all soon.