one bird and a long night.

 i am sure many of you have nights like this where you start a project and you just can't stop.
i have been working on Mary Wigham for over a year now and i really want her finished.
 i have decided that instead of her name and all the initials on the piece i will add my own family initials or maybe even a verse or two of a poem. something that will remind me of how this piece started with my great stitching friends on Guemes Island,WA., our first retreat in the big red barn, a place that no longer is available for us to rent.

this is Mary as of 12:30pm tonight

i stitched the bird motif while watching or listening to mindless TV you know the kind, reality shows, Glee Project, HGTV and a BBC show on travelers (Gypsy) weddings.

i like all the bird motifs but i did change this one a bit. sometimes i change patterns because i find that when i am stitching along at a quick pace i forget to look back at the pattern and you know the rest, who likes to pull stitches out. other times i change it because i want it to have more of me in the piece or maybe part of the pattern doesn't agree with what i want it to be.
i have learn allot stitching with white and off white silk thread. it is interesting how white lays so differently on the linen than a colored silk does. i find i have to step back to appreciate it.
each piece i stitch teaches me a little something different.
 i do love the look of the white on the dark brown linen.
enough for tonight i think i hear my pillow calling me.
sweet dreams stitching blog friends


another retreat at Fort Worden

Home again Home again.
this has been a crazy busy June and i have loved every minute of it. i started the month off at Fort Worden
in beautiful Port Townsend,WA. a must visit place this is just a peek of the ground near the water.
Beth with our Geo find.
NSG retreat was wonderful this year at the Fort. It is always great to see all my old stitching friends and to have 4 days of stitching, eating and I went on my first "Geo Cash" ( i think that is how you spell it) my friend Beth took me on this wild goose chase in the hills over looking Fort Worden and we found 2 out of 3 sites the first day with goodies boxes hidden in the woods. I must admit the 3rd one was a bit too hard and we really needed a flash light. On Saturday we found 2 more places in Port Townsend and I actually found one all by, well kinda.
 I always love spending time with Beth she makes me laugh, she is full of great ideas and always easy to get along with. the best roommate ever.
 She stitches like no one i have ever met she is now working on Lora Standish and of course stitching it reversible.
Crazy beautiful.
 We had a Pin cushion exchange this year with the Guild here are just a few and all were so beautiful.

i also want to share with you a sampler i stitched for my daughter in 2006.  She is living in Seattle now so i decided I should finally share it with all of you. I love the red and black, i stitched her initials throughout the piece.fun easy to stitch.
i have been working on Mary Whigham again and i sure hope i can complete her this summer.
hope you are enjoying your summer.
next blog off to Lakewold, Port Defiance, Discovery Park of course a stitched piece or two.


just a short note and a great giveaway at another site

no pictures this week i am out and about with my son enjoying Seattle.
woke up to a semi sunny warm day and off we go to enjoy city parks and the spring, plus take a few pictures. My son is becoming quite a photographer and soon to be in school for even more ideas to help his new budding career.
life is full of changes and i have had so many great ones lately. My kids are now full fledge adults and loving where they are in life and that brings a great smile to my heart. i do remember all the struggles but they seem to make this moment that much sweeter. so all of you going thru your own struggles hang on change is around the corner make sure you remember how you got to where you are and why when you step thru the other side. i have only good thoughts going your way.
i do want to mention to all that there is a great giveaway at  "1choice4quilting.com"
make sure you wonder over and take a look at a great blog and the beautiful Moda fabrics!
see you next time with some pictures!