thankful days

i have allot to be thankful for and yet i know many who do not have what i have. i try to remember always all that make my life good and easy. i know many probably suffer for what i take for granite. yet each year i try to live more simply and to buy things that are made without harming another person or animal. i can't say i am always successful but i try my best. even buying organic and local made items feels like i am getting a little closer to what i believe in.
spend this holiday season with this thought in mind. buy only what you truly need and if you buy for want remember to buy with this in mind, where it was made and how.
we all complain about the state the world is in, but we all helped it get there.
so spend this season making your views known by the way you buy. it does make a statement and it does make a difference.
here is to a world where all needs are met and where no one goes without health care, food or shelter. it really could be a simple way to live for all.

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