Spring and Samplers

what an incredible weekend first we headed to Philomath, Oregon on Thursday to see a Sampler Exhibit at
Benton County Historical Museum. A great old building originally built as a college in 1867.

it was used as a college till 1929 and then slowly but surely it deteriorated and in 1980 local citizens rehabilitated the structure and it now houses the Historical Society of Benton County well worth a visit even if the samplers are not there.

this was one of my favorites, the stitching was exquisite, the letters and the crowns were stitched with such perfect little stitches

of course i found another favorite this was stitched in 1862.

the dog and butterfly were amazing. i only wish the pictures turned out better.

this cat reminds me of one i saw on a sampler
at Fort Worden,Washington in there museum housed in an Officer Home. once again a great butterfly.

this is part of Dotty Parker sampler stitched in 1824 i think you can get a chart of this from Benton Historical Society online if you wish to stitch it. They also have printed a nice book with the samplers so do visit the web site www.bentoncountymuseum.org
i have more to share but i also want to share what a great Easter i had at my daughter's friends house.

besides all these homemade goodies we had a great meal of ham.
it was one of the best Easters i have had since the kids were little.

Beth's cupcakes were beautiful!

two beautiful young woman my daughter Emily on the left and Beth a wonderful friend and hostess.
how happy can one mother be. a perfect weekend. friends,samplers and my sweet lovely daughter!

Beth had such cute little items placed throughout her new apartment reminding everyone of spring.

i love this felt watering can and needless to say right after i took this picture i dumped the bowl of jelly beans! so much for graceful. till next time enjoy your spring!


flowers and snow

what a week we went from flowers blooming
 i love this bulb i planted them a few years ago
and they have come up ever since. i think they are called Frittalaria, (might be misspelled)
they are so unique i love the texture of the pattern and the color.

and then inside this incredible flower.

and this bloomed so full this year and in the past has always
been a little sad.
wonder what it could be maybe the rain oh yes the tons of rain or could it be the

                                                       The snow i woke up to this morning around 7am i rarely wake up that early but once i looked outside i knew why. it was pouring snow big huge flakes, so pretty. i have never been so happy to see 7am.
a group of tulips waiting to bloom even with the snow.
this has been a crazy year for weather.


hand stitching in blue

i have till the last weekend in April to get this project done and as you can see i have a little ways to go.  I love that it is a finishing class and i don't have to have it all done but would love to.
Sherri Jones is the teacher and designer she is coming to Northwest Sampler Guild in Seattle,WA. to teach a  class called "A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box" it is a simple wooden "A" frame sewing box made for Sherri and this class.
 it is a simple stitched design thank goodness.
sweet little blue basket weave flowers, pink flowers and green leaves. there is a blue bird and  my initials. the sewing box's holds scissors, needles, a small tape measure and any other small items you wish. you can buy the scrimshaw pieces that she has for the piece, which are a small ruler and a front piece with flowers and one with your initial. i will post a picture when i am done.
i do love the basket weave flowers.
i have taken a class by Sherri before, she designed the Hare Pyns sewing book. i posted it on my blog back in April of 2010. i just love how it turned out and i love how unique her designs are. If you ever have a chance to take a class form her be sure and take it you will not be disappointed.
Her business is called Patrick's Woods.
there is also a great sewing pillow in the kit and it is so beautiful can't wait till i can share it with all of you.
the sun did come out today and hopefully it will stay around i would love to plant some flowers of my own.


A year of first

this has been a year of first. i made my first soft doll, a fire breathing dragon and now my purse.
i have been thinking about making this purse since my niece bought me one similar to it many years ago. i wanted this one to be bigger, it is and i wanted it to have a different look, it does.
it has a wooden bottom i painted red, ( forgot to photo that) and the sides are vinyl and i made it bigger so it can hold my nook or a book.
i love the grey vinyl with the silver studs and black tacks on bottom
but my surprise is
i stitched a red crown to the side.
since my email is queenstitch and i do love the queenstitch i needed a crown to carry around.

i added some beads and a white floss holder to the straps. it has two pockets inside one for cell and one for a pen and candy. i am so happy that it is made and planning my next one, the hardest part was the straps and now that i know how it all is easy. maybe i should make one for each outfit!
Didn't women use to have a bag for each evening dress? i need one for each pair of Levi's.
 time to get back to stitching. Mary Whigham is calling and so many other projects speak to me.
"coming dear"