Incredible November at the Attic in Arizona

well what more could a stitch addict ask for than 5 days of stitching classes and samplers from the 1800's and friends!
Mesa, Arizona surrounded by friends, learning, playing and shopping of course. i am always so amazed at how creative the stitching world is. Elizabeth from "Dames of a Needle" is one of those who always adds a bit of whimsy which is so refreshing and her designs are so unique. "Chessie and Me" designer also came up with a very sweet autumn sampler which will be fun to stitch. "Needlemade Designs" created an over the top book with the Night Before Christmas as the theme. We also had a simple lesson on dying linen with Pat from "Lakeside Linen". to top it all off i actually won, really i "WON" a door prize never ever have i won any type of prize so just to hear my name called was enough to almost make me scream. um can't remember if i did? i received a beautiful colorful paisley bag filled with "Kelmscott Design" goodies inside. Scissors, needle minders, coaster, thread winders, oh my! i was in shock and so very appreciative. What an incredible closing ceremony. i am still in hog heaven.
Arizona is a great place to visit the weather was a bit cool but warmed up on Monday for my last day. i marveled at the cactus and the long stretches of open space. once again the construction is over the top and i wonder how many strip malls does one place need? i am looking forward to 2010 and hope that all the stars and sand are pointing the right direction for me to be able to attend it again. believe me twice is not enough.

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