life in the climate warming zone

oh my gosh has the weather here changed or what?? 90's yikes to hot to stitch even. what is a girl to do. i love the rain, cool breezes that the great Northwest used to have to offer, but i have noticed over the past few years the summers changing here. now where do i go for a cool summer?? my poor dog is uncomfortable and my plants look a little sad. yet do i want to waste water on my garden, nope. so i am sitting under a fan and trying to think cool thoughts.
i am off this weekend to Guemes Island to stitch with friends and looking forward to cool slow days. it should be wonderful a old barn made into a house. it is a small island not far from Seattle.
i have stitched a little late at night on Truth. i am now stitching detached button hole in the middle of a flower, so pretty. soon i should have my camera back from the shop to show you my progress, that is what happens when you drop a new camera.
i think this will trun out to be a beautiful sampler can't wait to show you all when i am done.
find coolness if you can.

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  1. You can have some of our rain. Dear Ol England has much to offer.Keep cool.