WOW Where did the time go!

Time is not always on our side and it has not been on my side these past months. It has been over 7 months and I never thought I would be away from my blog this long. so sorry
I am still stitching and doing other fun art projects as much as possible.
I am looking forward to Spring.  Family back together and the pleasures that brings.
I made these simple cute little slippers for my daughter's best friend new baby girl. I thought they were tiny till I saw them next to her feet, she has to grow into them, to say the lest.
I have also been working on a little bell pull for a very special 3 year old I know.  Here's the Ram it also has a pirate ship, a dragon driving a truck, and a tiger. it was so much fun thinking about all the things he loves.
this is the unfinished pirate ship
 I hope to at least post once a month, I promise I will do my best.
stay stitching...