stitching in the wind

what a great week it has been went to my friends Becky's house down by Seattle and stitched with a handful of other stitching friends. Ate a great lunch, plus some show and share. I always look forward to this time of the month when we eat, stitch and share. We talk about everything, nothing seems to be off limits. i love that we can share our heart aches and of course laughter is a must! Stitching and Friendship goes hand in hand nothing compares to it.
another rainy, windy night here. i do love the sound of the wind but always worry will the trees stay standing?
i did spend a little time stitching on my Hare Pyns project this week. would love to get that done. sometimes i can stitch for hours no mistakes but this last week i have made more mistakes than i care to admit. I had to rip some out but i did leave some in, it will be my little personal signature on my piece. i get so bothered by the mistakes but i have to remember this is relaxing and creative. so what's a little mistake going to do and only i will know for sure if it is meant to be or not. i love the colors on this piece the reds, greens, browns and gold so bold.
i have spent more time with my daughter than stitching but i am so happy she is here. i love that we can enjoy each other and just hang out and talk. we have been going to yoga together and that has really been nice.
another day over and many ideas left for tomorrow to try but all in all i have no complaints.
life is great.
Happy Halloween!

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