the pleasure of a new project on 40 count

i love the start of a new project any project. the ideas rush in and i spend days thinking about how i want it to look. I enjoy the process as much as the final piece. sometimes a color will set me in motion and sometimes a simple photo or chart. if i happen to be stitching a project from another designer i will always change it a bit to represent me.
i love 40 count linen and i love stitching on silk. the design comes to life so fast and you feel the instant the needle pulls the thread thru that you have made a good choice.
i try not to stress over any project if i feel that i am not feeling positive about the design i put it aside for awhile. it is amazing what time can do for the creative process.
no matter what i have to have needle and thread near by. the day is not complete with a stitch or two.


thankful days

i have allot to be thankful for and yet i know many who do not have what i have. i try to remember always all that make my life good and easy. i know many probably suffer for what i take for granite. yet each year i try to live more simply and to buy things that are made without harming another person or animal. i can't say i am always successful but i try my best. even buying organic and local made items feels like i am getting a little closer to what i believe in.
spend this holiday season with this thought in mind. buy only what you truly need and if you buy for want remember to buy with this in mind, where it was made and how.
we all complain about the state the world is in, but we all helped it get there.
so spend this season making your views known by the way you buy. it does make a statement and it does make a difference.
here is to a world where all needs are met and where no one goes without health care, food or shelter. it really could be a simple way to live for all.


Christmas? oh my

well not quite but i did finished my little wool christmas tree designed by "Dames of the Needle". now all it needs is the little mouse that sits under it and the cute elf shoe, plus the beautiful scissor sheath that goes with the unique angel scissors designed by Kelmscott.
i love this time of year and especially enjoy all the decorating. i only wish for some snow to really put me in the mood.
seems a bit silly after the christmas talk but i am off to Las Vegas to enjoy some time with my daughter, her friend Jenna and her mom. hopefully i will find a bit of sun and warmth till next summer. also i hope to get a few stitches in!
i had a very productive day today cleaned the house, plus our friend Kyle came over and finished the duct work under our house so now we are all nice and cozy warm. no mice so far and i am a happy house owner again.
till next time keep stitching.


Incredible November at the Attic in Arizona

well what more could a stitch addict ask for than 5 days of stitching classes and samplers from the 1800's and friends!
Mesa, Arizona surrounded by friends, learning, playing and shopping of course. i am always so amazed at how creative the stitching world is. Elizabeth from "Dames of a Needle" is one of those who always adds a bit of whimsy which is so refreshing and her designs are so unique. "Chessie and Me" designer also came up with a very sweet autumn sampler which will be fun to stitch. "Needlemade Designs" created an over the top book with the Night Before Christmas as the theme. We also had a simple lesson on dying linen with Pat from "Lakeside Linen". to top it all off i actually won, really i "WON" a door prize never ever have i won any type of prize so just to hear my name called was enough to almost make me scream. um can't remember if i did? i received a beautiful colorful paisley bag filled with "Kelmscott Design" goodies inside. Scissors, needle minders, coaster, thread winders, oh my! i was in shock and so very appreciative. What an incredible closing ceremony. i am still in hog heaven.
Arizona is a great place to visit the weather was a bit cool but warmed up on Monday for my last day. i marveled at the cactus and the long stretches of open space. once again the construction is over the top and i wonder how many strip malls does one place need? i am looking forward to 2010 and hope that all the stars and sand are pointing the right direction for me to be able to attend it again. believe me twice is not enough.


Veteran's Day

This afternoon Blake, Emily and i helped James and the "Veterans for Peace" set up there memorial to all those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each year when i see these simple white markers with the names and ages of those killed in this senseless war my heart truly gets heavier. Blake even said when he helped 5 years ago he notice they were mostly his age and now they are younger and the numbers have grown.
It was cold, rainy and i was so impressed with all those who showed up to help. i only wish we had learned our lesson in Vietnam. How do you change a country that you don't know the language or the customs. Democracy can not come out of the end of a gun. i have a heart filled with pain this Veterans day.
i see in James' eyes the pain of knowing what each of them went thru and what those who do come home have seen and now have to live with.
i wish for Peace and i dream of Peace and i do my best to live in Peace.
make a difference no matter now small.


picture of Hare Pyns project

i thought it was about time i posted a picture of my Hare Pyns project. it is coming along slowly since i seem to have so many other things i am also working on. plus life itself gets in the way some days. i absolutely love the colors Sherri Woods has chosen for this project. if you haven't checked out her work you must she is amazing.
we had another amazing day here cold and sunny went for a wonderful walk with my daughter and our dogs. saw a blue heron on the shore eating fish out of the Puget sound, incredible! i love the northwest!
just a short post to share my slow but sure progress on my little hares.