kitty high five!

Ali cat is giving a big paw high five he is too cute!
well i am sure fall is here and winter is not far away. rained a bit today and the chill in the air reminds me that snow maybe in our forecast this winter..Yes! i hope so.

had a great time with Emily the past two days she stayed with me dog sitting and we ate hot fudge and ice dream watched TV and of course yoga just to make sure we were covering all our bases.

i am now trying to finish up my lady chest piece for this month and then i really want to get my Hare Pyns finished. i also have a needle book i need to have finish by Jan. and then i also joined a Christmas tin exchange. i hope to make something to put in it and then i will fill it with goodies to give to a woman in Colorado. i am telling myself no new projects till i get at least "Mary" or the Truth Sampler done. i also want to make an Xmas ornament for my sister exchange.

em and i bought plane tickets to Las Vegas end of November we will meet her friend Jenna and her mom for a few days. Jenna is paying for hotel and we got cheap tickets who could say no. it will be fun to travel with Em it has been awhile since we have. it is so nice having her here, i am always pleased to see what a great person she has turned out to be. i look forward to a holiday with both kids near and maybe a family trip.

well now i need to stitch and who knows maybe a movie.

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  1. Love the high five kitty!
    Its lovely to spend quality time with our children and I can imagine your excitement at your planned trip for November with Emily.
    You have so many projects on the go too you clever lady.