life in the climate warming zone

oh my gosh has the weather here changed or what?? 90's yikes to hot to stitch even. what is a girl to do. i love the rain, cool breezes that the great Northwest used to have to offer, but i have noticed over the past few years the summers changing here. now where do i go for a cool summer?? my poor dog is uncomfortable and my plants look a little sad. yet do i want to waste water on my garden, nope. so i am sitting under a fan and trying to think cool thoughts.
i am off this weekend to Guemes Island to stitch with friends and looking forward to cool slow days. it should be wonderful a old barn made into a house. it is a small island not far from Seattle.
i have stitched a little late at night on Truth. i am now stitching detached button hole in the middle of a flower, so pretty. soon i should have my camera back from the shop to show you my progress, that is what happens when you drop a new camera.
i think this will trun out to be a beautiful sampler can't wait to show you all when i am done.
find coolness if you can.


finished with the knot

yes late last night i finished the celtic knot on the Truth Sampler YEA!! i was so excitied that i thought i would start the next part of the sampler. little did i know that it included back stitching a flower motif that is also complicated. oh my and then it also needs to be filled in with detached buttonhole which is another project. so needless to say this will be one learning truth sampler. i do love the detached buttonhole it is stump work and i love that. i don't do enought of it to really know what i am doing but once i get in a rhythm i will know. so stay tuned for more of my rants and joys over this sampler. i am also planning on starting Mary Wigham sampler soon it is all cross stitch and it is mostly quaker medallions, so beautiful.
went to yoga today after a week of not going and i always come away feeling like i truly have done something so deep for myself, physically and emotionally. one of my favorite teacher Sarah is leaving but i know i will grow to love the other classes just as much. i am always inspired when i walk out of class all sweaty. i feel i could take on the world and smile my way through. it is an incredbile practice i am so happy james and i found our way into it. if you haven't tired it find a flow vinyasa yoga class and give it a try. the heat may at first be strange but when you see what you can do with your muscles when they are heated up you understand. i love my body more now than i did at 20. the only thing i wish would happen is my pain would totally go away. yet it has lessen and that for now is enough for me.
i planted my daphene the other day and i can't wait to smell it's white litle flowers next year. it is right by my front door to welcome me coming or going. i hope you find something sweet to greet you as you come and go to.


mary and the truth sampler

last night i stitched a little on "TS" yes the celtic knot still. hopefully only one more full day and i will be done with that part of it. it looks so nice i almost hate to fill it in.
i recieved my silk threads from Vicki Clayton they look wonderful. i also bought some dark brown 36 count linen from a local shop and i plan on stitching "Mary Wigham Sampler" with whites and off whites to make it look lacy on the brown. very excitied to get started.
i am going on a stitch retreat with 4 other women on July 31st we are going to "Guemes Island" it will be tons of fun. we are staying at "The Red Barn House" close to the Ocean. We all plan on stitching "Mary Wigham" together and posting our progress on "Needleprint" site and my blog. i love this group of women, we all get along and have such fun together. we try to meet each month and stitch. i can be a bit of a recluse so it is nice to get out and visit. i love my home and never get bored here so i do have to push myself to wonder away.
there are a hundreds of women all over the world working on the "Mary Wigham Sampler" it is amazing to see how different each one is.
so till next time be good to yourself


garden and truth

today i spent the day gardening after a trying sunday i thought it best to dig and pull weeds so theraputic. when it doubt garden. my front yard looks great i have it pretty much weed free. and all i need is a few more plants. the lavender is beautiful i cut 5 or 6 bundles today love it. the backyard is a work zone. getting ready for my NSG group to come on the 25th so lots to do. i think maybe i always get a little over sensitive about my house and garden when i know a few people are coming over. i want it to shine. so i still have a few days left to dig and pull.
i did a little stitching last night on the Truth Sampler still stitching celtic knot oh my. but almost done. off to stitch


photos and to plant or not to plant the bamboo saga

today is an easier day i even figures out how to post pictures on facebook. so i am learning.
when i was posting a picture of me i realized again how much i hate pictures of me. i know allot of us have this problem and i wonder why? why can't i just except that i have a crooked smile and that is me, always will be. I look at pictures and pick them apart oh my hair looks bad, my eyes are closed or the one bad eye, then do i smile or look sad all the time. i would think that at 50 i would be more gentle about how i look. I wonder do all the models you see and stars bring it all home again and then why do i care? but i do. i will admit i do have photos i like but when i look at other peoples photos i rarley see a bad one and i always think it looks just like them. so maybe this summer the one thing i need to except is my photos.
worked in the garden today and loved it warm but nice, i just wish myback didnt' hurt all the time but that is my life and damn if i will lay around and not dig in the dirt. i love all my flowers, the crosmia's are beautiful and the hummingbirds love them, plus i have a great pink hardy fuchia that is over 3 feet tall, my red one is great too. i love hostas such big leafs. now bamboo is another story i planted 4 different varieties a few years ago. well needless to say they are huge! a beautiful black one, olive green one too. the worst part is my neighbor hates the one that has started to creep onto her side, yikes so i put a huge metal strip on her side so the bamboo wouldn't come over hope it works. today James spent all morning digging out part of the bamboo that is growing into one of my flower beds. oh well love is never easy in plantlife to i guess.
now it is time to stitch.. enjoy your evening and i hope someone out there finds me and replies.. go ahead give it a try


the big learning curve

oh my gosh i never realized how much time this takes.. i would rather be stitching and hopefully this will get easier and i will begin to understand all that a blog does and can do?/oh my.
i have been working on the "truth sampler" i will try to post a pic who knows with my skills at this. i am still trying to figure out how to let my family and friends know about this blog? like i said a learning curve is huge. but fun.
i spent a whole two days stitching the celtic knots on the truth sampler i have almost three done i must have ripped out each one at least once.. but i am happy with it.
spent part of the morn in the garden my crocosmia are blooming i hope that is how you spell it. they are big and red almost 7 feet tall, and the humming birds love them. getting ready for a NSG potluck here so tons to do this week. good to be home
a beautiful sunny cool day


an over cast day what i call a perfect day to stitch. the 4th of July was great. my son,his girlfriend and a friend of hers plus my hubby.great bbq and laughs!james made some perfect steaks plus we had potatoe salad and corn on the cob which, i soaked in sugar water then bbq. great idea and turned out perfect.
i am trying to learn how to post pictures but so far no go. i did change the pic on the front of blog to the little sampler i am stitching on silk for a new baby in our family "Wylie" born on the 25th of June to my neice Jill. Can't wait to meet him.
i have been also working on the Truth Sampler i don't know about you but that celtic knot work is hard. i have ripped it out more than i care to announce. there must be a trick to it and i have yet to find it. maybe someday if somewhere someone out there reads this they can tell me what that secret is?? hey 3 post and counting heres to a great day of stitching. the rain feel good