Winterthur and One winner

i know it is the end of summer and allot of us are busy getting back into the routine. i won't let my feelings be hurt by the one comment for my giveaway because i am so happy that is it my dear friend Julie. i will enjoy finding or making something special for her.

I am so excited that in a little over a week i will be in Winterthur, Delaware enjoying samplers and the Plimouth jacket with 3 great friends and a great group of stitch lovers.
We plan on visiting Philadelphia and any samplers along the way.
It is beginning to be a yearly adventure and i feel so blessed that i have these woman in my life that share the same love as i do. i hope to have a ton of  pictures worth sharing and stories, so stay tuned to my blog.
I will be back the end of October.
please stop by.

in memory of sweet Willy bird 21 years old. we will miss you.