september days

i can't believe the month is almost over as usual i have much to do and mostly in my poor garden. i have ignored it the whole month and it looks like it.
i spent a great weekend in Redmond with my friend Beth and Sherri Jones from Patrick's Woods design and what a weekend. i feel so blessed that i have such a great friend and then to take an incredible class from Sherri. What more could i ask for. We spent Friday night picking up Sherri at the Airport, then we went for a bite to eat out on the water in Seattle. A perfect warm no wind night. How amazing for the northwest.
Saturday woke early to get to class in time. Spent the day stitching with other NSG members and what a great project Sherri designed. "Hare Pyns" a beautiful stitcher's pocket with cute wooden hare thread keep and ruler to add to the fun. After class picked up a pizza or two and home to Beth's house. A relaxing dinner with Beth's family and then off to Beth's incredible craft/ sewing room in the basement, oops can't forget the red wine. We laughed and looked at all of Beth's goodies and she has tons. I came away with some great books that she had two of. You know how stitchers or book collectors are always forgetting, "Do we have that book?" i felt like i had woken up to Christmas when i came home and looked through the books oh my what a score. Plus the lovely silk thread thrown in. What more could i have wanted to make this a weekend i will keep in my memory forever. thank you both!
On Monday night my sweet hubby James was presented with the "Howard Harris lifetime Peace Achievement" award . i felt so insignificant in the crowd what an amazing group of people. John Dear a Priest from New Mexico was one of the guest speakers what a incredible man. It makes me feel safer knowing that there are people out in my world who truly believe that non violence is a way of life that can be reached. The music was fantastic and to see James up there excepting his award with the whole audience standing to recognize him took my breath away. I know what he believes in and i know the time he spends getting out the word of non violence, yet i was still so moved. a great month i must admit.


late night

up late
i love the idea that i can share what i want at any time and come back at any time and reread what i wrote. fast, easy.
i have heard many comments from people about parents of adult children and how some parents give to them or help them out. It feels almost negative when i hear them speak about it. i think for some it is because they have not had children so they do not understand that bond. Yet for those who have children i guess it could relate to jealousy. I can't imagine not wanting to give to my children or help them if i am able. i find that joy as fulfilling as receiving something unexpected from a friend. i knew the moment i saw each of them that my heart was fuller than it had ever been. nothing i have would be worth keeping if i knew they were in need. I also feel that way about friends and most people in general. maybe that is what is wrong with society is we don't care or give enough of ourselves. we are in such a hurry to fill our needs that we don't have the time or heart to think of those who are in need. i have been reading all this negative press about health care and illegal aliens and i wonder where has our heart gone. what truly has been taken from you that you suffer so. maybe what we suffer from is what we our selves have done to each other. i only hope for all the little ones i know that this world becomes a more caring, giving place. it does feel a little late but i always wish..


hot september day

I believe if you want more of a summer day drive to Lynden, WA., it is always 10 degrees hotter in summer and 10 degrees cooler in winter, crazy. today was hot hot hot! i went for my doggy walk and then sat outside to read. I have been reading Henry duPont bio written by his daughter very good read all about Winterthur, which is my main focus. Got a little to hot outside so off to buy my favorite moca milk shake at local coffee joint. thank goodness they have one in Lynden. Decide to sit and stitch a bit on Mary Wigham. I wish i were home i would be sewing, i have a great pattern for a coat for the fall and i want to start it now of course.

I have been thinking allot about why some are afraid of the idea of health care for those who can't afford it. I only hope that our government will do the right thing and vote for a universal health care package. I am over trying to reach out to those who have no ideas except to stop what others need. i am over trying to negotiate on both sides of the so called aisle when they bring no ideas to the table. i am over trying to listen when all they seem to want to do is yell rude comments when others try to speak. i was so appalled when President Obama was yelled at during his speech before Congress and even called a liar. Would they have put up with someone calling there President a liar while speaking to congress. So rude and totally immature. I am afraid that the USA has lost its respect for others. Let us hope that we take it back this year. i will always vote for what helps those who are in need no matter what the cost, hell what has this war cost us? they seem not to be concerned about it? ummm

i think it is time to stitch and relax and only hope we have no health crisis this year and the same for you.


summer books and such

well here i sit in Lynden, WA. animal sitting and the big clouds of fall are everywhere. I love the dark fluffiness of them, plus i just love the fall. wish i were home to work the last few days in my garden to put it to sleep, but will have time for that next month.

i have been working on Mary Wigham and also picked up the little sampler i stitched from the symposium in Arizona last year it looks great framed will post a pic. I really haven't pick up the Truth sampler in days it is a piece that i need to really concentrate on when i do. so many different specialities stitches. i do love seeing Mary come to life, i love all the varied shades of white who knew there were so many. I have been reading a great book called"Madame de Pompadour by Christine Pevitt Algrant. i also bought finally the English Embroidery big book on the Metro Museum of Art exhibit called "Twixt Art and Nature" love it. i and couldn't stop there also been reading Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart very easy read on the atrocities of different plants, incredible interesting for plant lovers out there.

so needless to say i spent my money on books this month.

well looks like another night of TV and stitching not allot to do in Lynden and boy how do people get use to that cow smell. i love the country but glad i live just far enough away to have fresh air. enjoy your air wherever you are.