the pleasure of a new project on 40 count

i love the start of a new project any project. the ideas rush in and i spend days thinking about how i want it to look. I enjoy the process as much as the final piece. sometimes a color will set me in motion and sometimes a simple photo or chart. if i happen to be stitching a project from another designer i will always change it a bit to represent me.
i love 40 count linen and i love stitching on silk. the design comes to life so fast and you feel the instant the needle pulls the thread thru that you have made a good choice.
i try not to stress over any project if i feel that i am not feeling positive about the design i put it aside for awhile. it is amazing what time can do for the creative process.
no matter what i have to have needle and thread near by. the day is not complete with a stitch or two.

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