Til November 10

i wanted to create a post here before i take off with some girlfriends to Hartford,Conn. Needlework Symposium. i am so excited to say the least and what makes this even better is after a week with my 3 best  friends i will meet my hubby in Philly for a day to see an Aunt i haven't seen in years, then off to DC to visit a friend. We plan on taking the train back and this makes me so happy. i love trains and the adventure of a slow ride home across the USA sounds peaceful. i hope to have tons to share when i return and promise to take tons of pictures.
isn't this a great idea with the ugly things you must have in your yard.
enjoy the trick or treaters and tune in after the 10th to hear all about the Symposium and east coast adventures.


the signs of fall

each season has it's own look, taste and comfort. Fall to me is the best. i love the crisp air and the warm sun on your face. the orange,reds and faded greens that pops all around. i also love a soft sweater. i am not a true lover of Halloween never have been. i do love seeing the little ones in the handmade costumes and also enjoyed making them for my kids. there are so many signs when you slow down and enjoy the season.

 signs of fall...           sedum
Black Eyed Susan's

and in the northwest spider webs everywhere.

and the last of the roses.
enjoy your fall and find a treat you love to share.


Hop Wreath and a Long Project

i love my garden as much as i love stitching. this year i spent a little more time than last out in it, but each year it seems i am looking at it in a new light. i am not old but i am as we all are getting older so i really want to make my garden a place of pleasure and a place that i will be able to enjoy for many years to come.  the paths need to be easier to travel on and the weeding needs to be as little as possible. i am thinking about planting another small tree and i had forgotten what a huge decision this is. how big, how small, flowers or not, slow grow,fast the list goes on and on. so that decision will wait till next year. the one plant that i planted when we first moved into our house many years ago was The Hop plant and i love it. it grows along the fence and the varied shades of green are wonderful. it is a bit scratchy when you cut it down but i always wear gloves. each year around this time i make my annual Hop wreath. this signals fall to me.

aren't the little puffs of flowers full of texture and softness. i love the muted color and all the different sizes.

back to stitching
i am still working and reworking my Judy O'dell Lady's Chest. i have the foundation finished and a few other pieces but i am still reworking my drawer fronts. i added the bee, flowers and i am reworking my name to the left which you can't see yet. i sure hope i can truly be done with this project by my birthday in January. A present to myself. i have enjoyed most of the process but there is always that little voice on my shoulder that say "Why didn't you stitch the chart she gave you". i know the answer but the voice still carries on.

i like the flowers but i must admit i could add more. i think i need to relax and say to my little voice "this is my first chest and i learned allot and my next one will be different, move on!"
Enjoy your Fall, in the garden or stitching in your most comfortable chair.


just sharing

Happy 70th Birthday to John Lennon!
i miss his creative mind and the positive energy he brought to our world. we need it now in these crazy political times.
think and do something positive for your world this week.



it is hard to believe fall is here. the air does seem a bit crisp but the sun is out and it has been a bit warmer here. i have been out in the garden pruning back the plants that are slowly turning brown and then all the dead heading. i love it. it makes the yard look so tidy and i am hoping for snow this winter. lots of it!
i am still busy on the lady's chest but have slowed a bit, here are the drawer fronts.

the little handles are so cute.

i have also been working for weeks on a little framed piece with a photo of my mom, aunt and friend when they were young. i love the picture and wanted to add somethings to it so here it is so far. love the lace, the hat pins,the buttons, the words but something seems missing to me. maybe the lace is to much? i will look at it awhile more before i say frame it.

i love working on different projects. to me it is like reading a book i always have to have at least 3 books in the mix or i get bored,restless. when i work on different projects i can put one aside when i get tired or bored  with it i can go on to the next one.
i have these huge snail shells that i want to make into i think pin cushions but i have been looking at them for a few weeks deciding if that is truly what i want from them, any ideas?

the excitement is setting in only a few weeks and off to the east coast! any suggestion on where to eat or what i must see in Washington DC? i am really excited about the time i will spend with my 3 best friends in Hartford, Conn. Samplers, Stitching is on the agenda!  till next time