one year ends

I can hardly believe the year is almost over, another slipped by. i never quite get the whole idea of a party to throw out the old and bring in the new. i like to celebrate now in a quiet way. i am eager to start this New Year with all the new ideas i have running thru my head and a art room filled with things to touch and create with.
i hope this New Year brings all of us closer to our creative self and the world closer to the peace we all deserve.
Give of yourself and give to yourself. each is worth gold to those around you.



oh my it is almost here that special incredible day that i love so. family, food and yes presents. where does the time go?
i have had a few moments of stitching which is incredible this time of year. i worked on my "Hare Pyns" project by Sherri Woods and i love the Florentine pattern.
i picked up sweet Mary which always makes me happy.
and last but not least i have stitched a bit on my needle book for the Guild's surprise give away in February.
I have been charting a bit on the changes i want for the online Judy Odell class the Victorian Chest. i always have these ideas in my head and think oh this will be easy but of course it always takes more time than i want. i know i will love it in the end but now i just want the chart done. i always have to add my touch.
so another night and i will try to get a few stitches in before bed.
remember enjoy the moment each goes by much to fast.


it's here!

yes the snow is here.
i have been waiting for its arrival and it looks lovely. it always brings a hush over my world, everything seems to quiet down and i look at things in a new fresh light.
i know all the complaints about the hassles of it, driving, shoveling and most likely others. yet i still love the newness of it, the pleasure of something so white, so light, that can literally make me stop and enjoy the simpleness of the moment.
i love the idea that it makes everyone slow down, no matter who you are.
do we all look at it with the same child like eyes.
i know for me i never tire of it and each year i am eager to see it fall so softly from the sky.
Happy Holidays to all, find pleasure in something simple!