garden and truth

today i spent the day gardening after a trying sunday i thought it best to dig and pull weeds so theraputic. when it doubt garden. my front yard looks great i have it pretty much weed free. and all i need is a few more plants. the lavender is beautiful i cut 5 or 6 bundles today love it. the backyard is a work zone. getting ready for my NSG group to come on the 25th so lots to do. i think maybe i always get a little over sensitive about my house and garden when i know a few people are coming over. i want it to shine. so i still have a few days left to dig and pull.
i did a little stitching last night on the Truth Sampler still stitching celtic knot oh my. but almost done. off to stitch

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  1. Yes, I too get over zealous about cleaning and tidying in the house when someone is due to visit. The garden gets the once over too and then my back suffers. We must be mad, people come to see us for who we are, not what we have or have not done in the house. But I guess we are all the same, human!