what i know

it been awhile and here i am at my favorite house. who could complain views of water sky everywhere, plus a cute little dog running around keeping me company. i have been trying to get some stitching in between Emily coming down from Alaska and yoga. it has been great to have both kids here in town, i love them so and enjoy their company. times are hard and i am so happy that James and i can help lend a hand when needed.

i started the second part of my Victorian chest by Judy Odell and also been working on the cute Hare Pyns by Sherri Woods.i must admit i went online yesterday to look at an online cross stitch show and i keep seeing things that i know i could design or do better. do i have the energy? do i have to total know how? do i have the time? i always have a ton of thoughts of things i want to make, design, play with yet i find that i still hold myself back. i think years of hearing negative feed back about who i am has not helped. yet what is my excuse now. no one holding me back no one talking crap to me? um it's me. scared of failure of no one liking it. maybe i just need to start and see what happens start small. who knows maybe 2010 will be the year i start small or big!

fall is here and i love the cool breeze and this winter i have to many plans but look forward to them all. i feel the best i have in years and i know things are getting better somewhere and here. i only hope that this new winter brings us closer to understanding who we are as a whole and as individual. life is to short to hate and fight.

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