Creating Time

there never is enough time to do the things we love and that rejuvenate us.

a gift for Becky stitched on 45/50 count silk

each year i tell myself that i will make more time to create and each year i find that it seems to always take second place to the daily stuff.
i love my family, i love my friends and to keep me sane and to hopefully keep them in love with me i must create.

wonderful bread ready to bake
something, anything and it doesn't have to be difficult or new.
 i don't have to always love the finish piece or even finish the piece.

Mary Wigham still waiting
i just love to put my mind, my hands and my soul into the process of creating.
it sounds so simple and sometimes it is. yet i wonder why i can't seem to find or make the time to do this. hours can go by and yes weeks with nothing to show. it may sound silly and in the scheme of things it is, the world is in need of much more than me creating.
 for me creating keeps me sane, happy and connected to a world i wish for all.
i must learn to be content when i find just a moment to stitch that one row of rice stitch or roll out a piece of clay, stamp a card, make bread, and yes even help remodel our kitchen. creating can be found in the most mundane places and i hope to learn to enjoy those little moments and be thankful i have the money, the ideas and yes the time to create.


a new project

it seems awhile ago since i posted. i have had computer troubles no email yet but hopefully by Monday.
i have been busy stitching on Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods "A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box" her class was fantastic as always.
i have a few things left to stitch and i hope at the Northwest Sampler Guild retreat in June i will get it totally finished. you can see part of the box above by the title of the blog
and below is the needle case almost done.

this is the beautiful homemade sewing box that Sherri had made from an old antique papermache' box she owns. the workmanship is incredible.
this is what it looks like open. the side stitched panels will be on each side with space for trinkets to slide in and the middle will have a place for scissors. plus a small needle pillow will seat on top and all will close up with a magnetic clasps. can't wait to show you the finished piece. be patient.
between moving my daughter from Alaska to Seattle and my son to Seattle and now my father in law who is 98 to a retirement center this has been a crazy few weeks.
the retreat is looking really nice about now.
do post i love to hear what you are creating.
happy spring