challenges,summer and inspiration

the summer has slipped by and i have not posted once, the challenges this summer have been a bit overwhelming at times. 
i have been stitching but not as much as i thought i would. still working on my daughter's wedding sampler her first year just went by. i hope i will have it done by Christmas!
i am off to Salt Lake City, Utah in a week for a 3 day class with Catherine Theron with the Swan Sampler Guild. My first time taking a class with this guild so i will let ya know how it goes. looking forward to some time just stitching.
there are so many things i want to share i have taken a ton of pictures that i want to share and since i have so little of my own work done i hope these pictures give you inspiration.
enjoy the last of summer and be thankful that your family is safe and near.
i love this sampler so much happening and it was impossible to take a full shot of it the glare was just not letting it happen.

here is another view of the same sampler, love the basket.

so many things to look at and to get inspiration from.
i think its time to stitch a sampler with all the things i love on it, a map of my town, my house, my animals and the list goes on.
thanks for stopping by and for not giving up on me!