where do you stitch?

stitching is a way of life for me, if i don't stitch at least a handful of times each week i feel something is missing.
 i love the art of preparing to stitch the time it takes to find the project, then the linen and the choice of threads.
Colors are an extremely important part of each project and when i chose a project that is all white i want it to shine just as much as the ones that pop with color.
yet when i sit to stitch the place i chose to stitch is as important as the project i am working on.
At a table with a group of friends who enjoy what i love,
outside in the summer with the sun shining,
or inside with a warm cup of coffee on a stormy day,

or all alone in a comfy chair
where do you stitch?
what makes you sit down and thread your needle?


Sewing Box designed by Sherri Jones for Patrick's Woods

 finally finished or lets say 99% done.
 i have the Pin keep to finish but that is another story.
 i want to be  happy with this moment.
 i love Sherri Jones she designs such unique and beautiful items and her classes are such fun, a must take if you haven't yet.
this is her "Blue Ribbon Sewing Box" all layed out. the pin pillow to the left with the bird and year , the needle book to the right tucked in is so cute.
she has painted piano keys for this project but i chose to use my own items.

here is the pillow with my initials side up before i glued everything in place.
of course i changed the design just a little my initials has three letters as you see so i always have to play around with designs and of course i like to anyway.
the pin keep is another story it is stitched and i am working on it but oh it is so tiny and folding it all up and trying to make such tiny unseen stitches was more than i could take late last night. so for another day

the sweet little bird on the needle book.
 i love the side panels i added the buttons in the center of each flower but i love her design with the ribbon threaded thru the top of the piece. perfection.

all closed up and ready to sit  by my sewing table... a moment to enjoy...