threads thru time and color

misc. stitched items, photos from my trip back east October 2011
 we visited so many wonderful places as you can see in some of my previous post.
 Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Winterthur traveling with  3 of my favorite woman made it even more amazing.

back of of a pocket book, love this stitch and oh the color

don't you just love the teeny tiny sewing kits

 Chester County Needle Roll beautifully stitched and vivid colors 

another great stitched purse

so many great memories


A New Year

love the colorful stitched birds
we always ask where has the year gone and what did i accomplish this past year.
i think this year i will not look back with what didn't happen or look forward with things to complete.
this year i am going to concentrate on my health and what creates calm and happiness in my life.
it sounds selfish but  i know i have to give myself the space and time to concentrate on my health in order to be there in the best health for those i love in the future.

as some of you may remember i  had to put stitching on the back burner the past year due to wrist problems and i am happy to say i have picked up my needle and it feels good.  i have projects that i love and i look forward to working on them.
 i have a ton of books i can't wait to sink my brain into.
i am cooking  foods that heal and nourish and it is amazing how many great cook books there are out there for just that.
one i highly recommend for just plain good health is called "The Cancer Fighting Cookbook" by Rebecca Katz, before you panic and think i have cancer i am very happy to say i do not. The treatment i am under for my liver is very toxic and my acupuncturist recommended this book to help fight the lack of energy, lack of appetite and over all sadness that this treatment sometimes throws at you. Rebecca Katz has such great ideas on how to bring the maxium nutrition and pleasure to a meal.  this year is about eating and eating as healthy as i can.
She has incredible information about how to help yourself and others heal from almost any toxic treatment. She gives such great tips and simple ideas.
a must read if you are going thru any kind of treatment or have a loved one who is.

 a beautiful red head stitched bird i saw on our trip back east in Philly in October 2011. i have so many pictures i want to share and i hope you will forgive me but i did not take the best notes so i have no idea where some of the stitched pieces live. i hope you just enjoy them as much as i do.
Welcome to a New Year and i hope you can fill it with people and places that make you smile.