summer time

summer is here and sometimes fitting in a day of stitching gets harder. gardening takes top priority and then my hands start to look pretty bad and i hate to touch any of my projects.
i have been working pretty steady on my daughters wedding sampler, they just had there one year anniversary and i want it done soon.
it is on silk gauze 45 count and lets just say it is taking some time. i have redesigned it many times but finally i do love how it is turning out. i will post once it is done.
i had a great time at the North West Sampler Guild retreat this month and came away so inspired and amazed at what all of these beautiful woman create. above is just one of many incredible stitched pieces.

 another great piece

This was our amazing breathe taking view that we looked at during every meal.
NSG has the best retreats, this year and next will be held in Gold Bar, WA. come join us next year!
a great place to take walks in the wilderness.