photos and to plant or not to plant the bamboo saga

today is an easier day i even figures out how to post pictures on facebook. so i am learning.
when i was posting a picture of me i realized again how much i hate pictures of me. i know allot of us have this problem and i wonder why? why can't i just except that i have a crooked smile and that is me, always will be. I look at pictures and pick them apart oh my hair looks bad, my eyes are closed or the one bad eye, then do i smile or look sad all the time. i would think that at 50 i would be more gentle about how i look. I wonder do all the models you see and stars bring it all home again and then why do i care? but i do. i will admit i do have photos i like but when i look at other peoples photos i rarley see a bad one and i always think it looks just like them. so maybe this summer the one thing i need to except is my photos.
worked in the garden today and loved it warm but nice, i just wish myback didnt' hurt all the time but that is my life and damn if i will lay around and not dig in the dirt. i love all my flowers, the crosmia's are beautiful and the hummingbirds love them, plus i have a great pink hardy fuchia that is over 3 feet tall, my red one is great too. i love hostas such big leafs. now bamboo is another story i planted 4 different varieties a few years ago. well needless to say they are huge! a beautiful black one, olive green one too. the worst part is my neighbor hates the one that has started to creep onto her side, yikes so i put a huge metal strip on her side so the bamboo wouldn't come over hope it works. today James spent all morning digging out part of the bamboo that is growing into one of my flower beds. oh well love is never easy in plantlife to i guess.
now it is time to stitch.. enjoy your evening and i hope someone out there finds me and replies.. go ahead give it a try

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