summer sisters and friends

not sure what happens when i type sometimes i just miss the keys and it disappears oh well
it has been awhile since i posted not sure why. have been a bit busy but also just forget.
i have been stitching on Wylie's sampler and i am almost done. i hope Jill loves it as much as i do. i can't wait to meet his sweet face.
i spent last Saturday celebrating a friends 60th birthday with a group of stitchers. We surprised Julie and it was perfect day. stitchers make the best friends.
i just started a new online class with Judy O'dell called a lady's chest it looks beautiful. Plus i also have Mary and The Truth Sampler to finish. and not to forget one more class in Sept. and that will be enough this year. i will feel so lucky if i get all done by 2010.
i talked to my sister in England today and it is amazing what a voice can do to the heart. it made me miss her even more. we have plans for next year and i hope they come true.
the summer is almost over and it has been full. i feel lucky to be able to sit and stitch it relaxes me just like yoga and that is all i need for now.

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