an over cast day what i call a perfect day to stitch. the 4th of July was great. my son,his girlfriend and a friend of hers plus my hubby.great bbq and laughs!james made some perfect steaks plus we had potatoe salad and corn on the cob which, i soaked in sugar water then bbq. great idea and turned out perfect.
i am trying to learn how to post pictures but so far no go. i did change the pic on the front of blog to the little sampler i am stitching on silk for a new baby in our family "Wylie" born on the 25th of June to my neice Jill. Can't wait to meet him.
i have been also working on the Truth Sampler i don't know about you but that celtic knot work is hard. i have ripped it out more than i care to announce. there must be a trick to it and i have yet to find it. maybe someday if somewhere someone out there reads this they can tell me what that secret is?? hey 3 post and counting heres to a great day of stitching. the rain feel good

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