Veteran's Day

This afternoon Blake, Emily and i helped James and the "Veterans for Peace" set up there memorial to all those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each year when i see these simple white markers with the names and ages of those killed in this senseless war my heart truly gets heavier. Blake even said when he helped 5 years ago he notice they were mostly his age and now they are younger and the numbers have grown.
It was cold, rainy and i was so impressed with all those who showed up to help. i only wish we had learned our lesson in Vietnam. How do you change a country that you don't know the language or the customs. Democracy can not come out of the end of a gun. i have a heart filled with pain this Veterans day.
i see in James' eyes the pain of knowing what each of them went thru and what those who do come home have seen and now have to live with.
i wish for Peace and i dream of Peace and i do my best to live in Peace.
make a difference no matter now small.

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