small wonders

I can' t believe it Wylie's Birth Sampler is stitched. Now i need to decide how to frame or what to do with it to finish it. i am happy with how it looks and enjoyed thinking about this small little one i have yet to meet as i stitched. he has a full life ahead hopefully filled with ease and wonder. i know he will be loved by many and i hope he grows up to take chances and learn to give, to love and enjoy each day as it comes. I know that Jill has many gifts to give him and it will be a wonderful adventure to see him grow.

life can be full of goodness we only have to make it so,no one gives that to you. I have learn that nothing is given to you. that i am what i have created and i make my life what i chose. It can be hard or it can comfortable. i have learn to think positive and to not let those who are negative find space in my heart. the adventures are many and the love is full, what more could i ask for. i know just by the simple fact of where i was born here in North America not in Iraq or Africa and many other third world countries i have been given so much. I had nothing to do with where i was born but i know i have allot to do with how i live.

live your life to the fullest and always remember the goodness in your life.


where do the days go

i love this plant the varigated leaves and pink purple flowers i think it is in the Phlox family.
where has the summer gone or the spring for that matter?

i have been busy stitching and making goodies for my stitching friends. I have been busy making 15 ort boxes for our guild class in Sept. i decoupaged on cardboard tubing with bottoms for a box and it looks great. using material with a sampler theme on it to fit with the Guild.

i am almost finish with Wylie's sampler only 2 left should be done tonight.

Then it is on to Judy O'dell's lady chest class and of course my truth sampler.

i saw Jesse's toy chest and oh my gosh it is beautiful so i need to get going on that too.

have my plane ticket and reservations ready for November in Arizona with stitching friends. i feel bad sometimes that James never comes along i go by myself but i know he would rather stay with our sick dog poppy.

well fall is in the air and i know there is much to finish before i put my garden to bed, eat the tomatoes, dead head and of course enjoy the last blooms.

i also hope to get more yoga classes in maybe 3 times a week instead of 2 my body and soul love it. i feel strong and so much more fit.

life is great.


summer sisters and friends

not sure what happens when i type sometimes i just miss the keys and it disappears oh well
it has been awhile since i posted not sure why. have been a bit busy but also just forget.
i have been stitching on Wylie's sampler and i am almost done. i hope Jill loves it as much as i do. i can't wait to meet his sweet face.
i spent last Saturday celebrating a friends 60th birthday with a group of stitchers. We surprised Julie and it was perfect day. stitchers make the best friends.
i just started a new online class with Judy O'dell called a lady's chest it looks beautiful. Plus i also have Mary and The Truth Sampler to finish. and not to forget one more class in Sept. and that will be enough this year. i will feel so lucky if i get all done by 2010.
i talked to my sister in England today and it is amazing what a voice can do to the heart. it made me miss her even more. we have plans for next year and i hope they come true.
the summer is almost over and it has been full. i feel lucky to be able to sit and stitch it relaxes me just like yoga and that is all i need for now.


one more time for Mary

just a picture

Mary Wigham is here!

just a fast upload of the work i have done on Mary Wigham sampler she is looking so nice. i plan to stitch her all different shades of white to look like lace. sop far so good. a great day to stitch raining outside and my plants needed it. suppose to be sunny all weekend. off to Seattle with a friend to NSG meeting. Haven't been i ages. i love it that someone else drives i hate to drive. well off to stitch..


Mary and Guemes Island

A wonderful weekend on Guemes Island, WA. four of my favorite friends settled in to a big Red Barn and started our Mary Wigham samplers. The weather was perfect no heat just cool breezes and sun. We spent each day stitching on "Mary" and laughing. What more could you ask for. We started the weekend retreat in Anacortes with lunch and shopping then took the ferry over to Guemes Island. It looked like everyone else had the same thought but only missed one ferry and then we were on our way. The Red Barn was beautiful 3 bedrooms and big kitchen two big tables to work and eat on. No cleaning up projects to eat. We spent each day stitching and talking. Took a walk to the old grave yard and found some interesting gravestones, some had such heart tugging sayings. At night i found i fell asleep so easily in the quiet dark dark nights. no city lights here to hide the night skies. We hope to do this twice a year. feel pretty lucky to have such good friends who love what i love.
stitching... till next time