online retreat complete

i can't believe i finished two sewing projects this weekend. i had wanted to make james a gift for our 32 anniversary, i usually make something and wanted it a little different from before. so i found this old picture of us when we first met and an old table cloth and created this little wall hanging. i wrote on the background fabric words that remind me of who we are as a couple. i also found some little dried flower buds which i glued on and of course a few buttons.
i finished the outside of a few needlebooks, i love the little flower pieces that were made by James great aunt i have been wanting to use them for ages. she left james quite a few beautiful lace pieces and i look at them often and hope they will speak to me of where they want to relive there next adventure. i would hate to cut them up and then find out they are not happy. i think they are happy in this new life.
Virginia Cole thank you so much for organizing this i didn't know what to expect and came away feeling like i had just been thru a great adventure. hope to participate in another one in the future.
thanks ladies for all the great blogs and keep stitching,

another day with the online retreat

well i must admit i got a late start today and i am going to bed late 1am. Not sure i got as much done as i would have wished but since i am new at this quilting thing i feel pretty good. i also worked on another project and finished it, so that makes me happy. it has been great to see all the incredible blogs from all over the world and such talented quilters out there. i do miss my cross stitch and will get back to it as soon as i get these last few blocks done and mailed off. really there are to many creative things to do in one lifetime.
my finished necklaces! pictures not so good!
till tomorrow.


online retreat why not!

Started as soon as i had my first cup of coffee. had to clean some space on my ironing board and my sewing table that took over an hour. then the fun begins. i have never tried an online retreat i am in the mist of an online project, but this is all new to me.
Virginia Cole of Galloping Pony laid out a list of projects, games,ideas we could do. looks like quite a few signed up and from all over the world. i decided i would start with my room clean up yes that was on  the list and then i moved on to the 9 patch. now lets remember i am a beginner when it comes to quilting or patch work. as you can see from my pictures i am not the straightist seamtress but i did enjoy the process. the only thing i can say about online retreats for me is i tend to not take breaks and at a real retreat you tend to get up and walk around visit, eat etc. i tend always to get lost in my work and then all of a sudden i realize oops lunch time or umm maybe i should visit the restroom. i look forward to see what all these other women have created and i hope everyone joins in the 9patch exchange. thanks Virginia for the idea can't wait for tomorrow.


baby gift

just a little something i worked on this past week for a very dear friend who is having a baby in March. a small quilt and a bib. first bib i ever made with just my own pattern seemed a bit big but hopefully it won't look to wierd on the sweet little one. now i need to go and start some of the clothes i want to sew for her or him. i bought some really great material from one of the past winners of Project Runway, he  (Jay)created this line which is quirky and unique.
 i just signed up to do an online retreat with Gallopingpony and i love her mini quilts so i hope to make something along that line.

 till next time find something to create with.


what do you depend on?

we all depend on something? i depend on my friends for laughter, inspiration and creativity. my mate for love and understanding and my animals for that truly unconditional love.
i depend on the internet for information and connection to others.
i depend on my government for safety and food.
yet i also know that i have to depend on myself for all of the above. i wonder in this terrible tragedy that hit Haiti how prepared i am to depend on me?
we all live in earth quake country or other natural disasters.
do you have enough water/food to last a few weeks?
my plan this weeek is to make sure that i am prepared and that i know if something so horrible happens here i will only have to depend on me for the simple life neccesitties.
what and who do you depend on?
i have the means to make my home prepared for a disaster and then maybe i can  lend a hand to those who may need some help.


short but sweet

took this picture the other day and wanted to share it. Love the two birds nest in such a beautiful red bark tree. i know why they picked this tree color always makes your home a happy place!

 James and I in Seattle staying at the "Ace Hotel" great place, great price we are here to celebrate my Birthday. A simple get away, of course i brought my stitching and worked a little on my "Hare Pyns" project tonight. love working on the florentine stitch.  i should be done if i didn't have at least 4 other projects to work on. not complaining i can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than  with the man i love and lots of silk thread and linen. hope your birthday this year will be spent with someone you love and all you enjoy close by.


New Times Reflect Old Times

the sun actually came out today but boy is it cold outside.
i spent yesterday with 3 of my favorite stitching buddies. i love that we can talk about anything and disagree on many subjects but still open up enough to listen to one another. i wouldn't change anything about them. i relish that we share a common interest and share a friendship much like the women long ago who stitched without electicity or all the wonderful linens/floss we have today. they shared in the same dreams i am sure and loved the conversation of other women in a time that was difficult and troubling like we do now. i will always feel privilege that i have these incredible talented women in my life to push me on in my creativity and listen to my complaints and ideas. what more could one want in this New Year.
i wish for all of you the same.



Happy New Year to all my friends.
Let us start the New Year with our hearts open to those we do not understand. Give.
Let us begin this year with our hands ready for new creative endeavours and our minds open to unique ideas. Receive.
Remember one thought from someone new may be the thought that brings us closer to understanding who we are as a person and who we wish to be as a world. Listen.
Let us remember we are all in this together.
understanding is the beginning. Love.