stitched envelope

i have been stitching an envelope for an exchange

 i could have made this whole process easier if i had not decided to stitch on 36 count linen.
above is the inside of the envelope i fused a fabric inside so when you open  it that is what  you see not the back of my stitches. my stitches are not that pretty, they are getting better but no reverse pieces for me in the near future.

here is the front of the envelope before i folded it

i love this little lady and her dog this is on front of envelope

 this is the finished back of the envelope i am happy with it and of course learned a ton about stitching and folding an envelope. my measuring i thought was perfect but nothing is ever perfect so i had to ad lib a bit.
 i have stitched an envelope before but of course that memory has long ago been filed in lost and not found.
 i think anyone would love to receive this in the mail. i hope she smiles and is happy with her mystery gift.
i love exchanges and i haven't done many but i think 2013 should be the year of stitching for others.

 now i just have to find more swaps any suggestions???