hot september day

I believe if you want more of a summer day drive to Lynden, WA., it is always 10 degrees hotter in summer and 10 degrees cooler in winter, crazy. today was hot hot hot! i went for my doggy walk and then sat outside to read. I have been reading Henry duPont bio written by his daughter very good read all about Winterthur, which is my main focus. Got a little to hot outside so off to buy my favorite moca milk shake at local coffee joint. thank goodness they have one in Lynden. Decide to sit and stitch a bit on Mary Wigham. I wish i were home i would be sewing, i have a great pattern for a coat for the fall and i want to start it now of course.

I have been thinking allot about why some are afraid of the idea of health care for those who can't afford it. I only hope that our government will do the right thing and vote for a universal health care package. I am over trying to reach out to those who have no ideas except to stop what others need. i am over trying to negotiate on both sides of the so called aisle when they bring no ideas to the table. i am over trying to listen when all they seem to want to do is yell rude comments when others try to speak. i was so appalled when President Obama was yelled at during his speech before Congress and even called a liar. Would they have put up with someone calling there President a liar while speaking to congress. So rude and totally immature. I am afraid that the USA has lost its respect for others. Let us hope that we take it back this year. i will always vote for what helps those who are in need no matter what the cost, hell what has this war cost us? they seem not to be concerned about it? ummm

i think it is time to stitch and relax and only hope we have no health crisis this year and the same for you.

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