Christmas? oh my

well not quite but i did finished my little wool christmas tree designed by "Dames of the Needle". now all it needs is the little mouse that sits under it and the cute elf shoe, plus the beautiful scissor sheath that goes with the unique angel scissors designed by Kelmscott.
i love this time of year and especially enjoy all the decorating. i only wish for some snow to really put me in the mood.
seems a bit silly after the christmas talk but i am off to Las Vegas to enjoy some time with my daughter, her friend Jenna and her mom. hopefully i will find a bit of sun and warmth till next summer. also i hope to get a few stitches in!
i had a very productive day today cleaned the house, plus our friend Kyle came over and finished the duct work under our house so now we are all nice and cozy warm. no mice so far and i am a happy house owner again.
till next time keep stitching.

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