Scissor frog idea

it has been a really beautiful summer here in the great northwest, i love our cool sunny weather, perfect for me.
last week i met up with my favorite stitching friends in Bothell,WA. for another tea lunch. we met at a unique shopping area with an outdoor farmers market in progress. we of course visited most of the stores before we took off for our tea. i can't say the sandwiches are getting better but the friendship more than makes up for the bad food. i know someday we will find a great place to have tea!!
Becky of  "A Note of Friendship" claim to fame (must check out her website and blog if you haven't yet) had seen a great idea where a fellow stitcher had used an old glass frog (one you use for flowers) as a scissor holder. i have a collection of them at home so needless to say i went home and pulled my glass one out it has to be a little rounded on the top to work well. i added my laying tools and almost any size scissors work. thanks Becky love this idea.

i am still working away on my lady's chest and at this point i know i will not be done by August 1st.
 i have made so many changed to the original design and i know that i want it to look the best i can. i will share a finished picture when i am done. stay tuned.


where does the time go

really i had plans on posting many days ago but who knew how much life would take over.
it has been a busy month, trying to catch up on stitching "the lady's chest" almost there. animal/house sitting most of the month and then a trip with our daughter Emily and her boyfriend Matthew to Gold Bar,WA.
we really had a great time in a great log cabin on a river. it was a perfect little cabin with a great hot tub my favorite. we laid around watched movies, walked on the river bank,cooked,ate and just had fun together.
who knew Gold Bar had such a beautiful place for a retreat!
view from deck!
i need to get back to my garden this week and of course that project. my craft room is a total mess and then it is time to start our kitchen remodel. wish me luck so much on our plates but i sure we can get it done by ummm Thanksgiving????
enjoy the sun and friends!!!

i love zinnia's reminds me of a fairy dress.


A Place to Stitch

sometimes it is not what you are stitching or the technique of stitching.
It is where you are stitching.
on hot summer days which we have few of here in the great Northwest i need to find a place that is shady,cool and has good seating. i am a restless person i always find things to distract me when i know i need to get something done. i wonder around find another project that needs something added and the worst part is i tend to always find a weed that needs to be pulled if i am in my garden.
hubby seems to relax just fine in the hammock but not me. so i rarely stitch in my garden, to many voices calling me.
one of the things i love about animal/house sitting (and there are many) is the places i get to relax, stitch or read.

 no weeds calling me here, always a breeze and a little white dog sitting next to me. a fantastic view and shade.
still working on my Lady's Chest as you can see in the photo. i think i can get it done but once again, i tend to wonder. hot days really make me wonder for a cool place.
hope your weather is stitching weather and you have found that perfect place to stitch.