time and giving

Energy is a hard item to get back when you have lost it for over 6 months. Some days i think i have found it but then again as soon as i start a project it has slipped away.
i know i must not hurry this recovery but i am ready to feel healthy, energetic and hungry.
i know... give it time      give it time
time is an interesting item too there is never enough and sometimes we feel like it will never end.
lately there is not enough, time has slipped by and one moment my little girl was 3 telling me stories of how the sun which she called a farkel (not sure why) was roaming around the sky and now she is a married lady.
Her good friend Eva from Italy traveled all the way here with her daughter Giulia and boyfriend Marco to be a part of  the celebration and brought me two incredible cross stitched "towels" from her and her mother, made over  70 years ago and stitched in the past few years. the towels are made on a loom in her home town.
I can see why you would want to dry yourself with it. they are so soft but i doubt i ever will.
i have it laying on the back of one of my couches.
here you can see the back of the towel and the front  so simple  so perfect
the gifts one gives can be material items or gifts of time.
they both can touch the heart.
 this material gift brought tears to my eyes.
a mother i have never met and a friend i haven't seen in over 15 years gave me a gift i will treasure always.


shout it from the roof tops

There are moments in each of our lives that we feel the need to shout it from the roofs how happy we are.
this month is that time for me
my incredible daughter Emily and her amazing boyfriend Matthew got married June 2!
James and i smiling all day

 it is amazing  how many months before the date you plan, create and then set up the whole affair. the work is incredible but in the end seeing everyone enjoy themselves and the look on my daughters face i realized all over again there is nothing i wouldn't do for her and Matthew.
Emily's dear friend Eva from college days in Cork, Ireland came all the way from Italy to be a part of the wedding celebration.
She wore the most amazing dress that her mother wore over 40 years ago, the stitching was beautiful and of course i have to share it.

you can see the inside of the stitching

and last but of course one of the yummy parts is the cake. made by a family friend with acorns, ladybugs, ferns, mushrooms and etc. it was a work of art.
 i love the cake topper that my daughter had made to go with her outdoor in the woods theme,
a buck and doe all dressed up.