summer books and such

well here i sit in Lynden, WA. animal sitting and the big clouds of fall are everywhere. I love the dark fluffiness of them, plus i just love the fall. wish i were home to work the last few days in my garden to put it to sleep, but will have time for that next month.

i have been working on Mary Wigham and also picked up the little sampler i stitched from the symposium in Arizona last year it looks great framed will post a pic. I really haven't pick up the Truth sampler in days it is a piece that i need to really concentrate on when i do. so many different specialities stitches. i do love seeing Mary come to life, i love all the varied shades of white who knew there were so many. I have been reading a great book called"Madame de Pompadour by Christine Pevitt Algrant. i also bought finally the English Embroidery big book on the Metro Museum of Art exhibit called "Twixt Art and Nature" love it. i and couldn't stop there also been reading Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart very easy read on the atrocities of different plants, incredible interesting for plant lovers out there.

so needless to say i spent my money on books this month.

well looks like another night of TV and stitching not allot to do in Lynden and boy how do people get use to that cow smell. i love the country but glad i live just far enough away to have fresh air. enjoy your air wherever you are.

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  1. Oh Barbara, this is so beautiful, your skill and indeed the patience to produce something like this is wonderful.