the big learning curve

oh my gosh i never realized how much time this takes.. i would rather be stitching and hopefully this will get easier and i will begin to understand all that a blog does and can do?/oh my.
i have been working on the "truth sampler" i will try to post a pic who knows with my skills at this. i am still trying to figure out how to let my family and friends know about this blog? like i said a learning curve is huge. but fun.
i spent a whole two days stitching the celtic knots on the truth sampler i have almost three done i must have ripped out each one at least once.. but i am happy with it.
spent part of the morn in the garden my crocosmia are blooming i hope that is how you spell it. they are big and red almost 7 feet tall, and the humming birds love them. getting ready for a NSG potluck here so tons to do this week. good to be home
a beautiful sunny cool day

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