Mary, Mary how does your stitching go

Yes i am back to Sweet Mary Wigham.
Spent the afternoon on Thursday with my best stitching friends and this weekend spending time stitching on her again. My wrist aches but i can not, will not give up stitching. Needless to say i take more breaks, wear my wrist guards and back to acupuncture. It all seems to help. how could i ever give up stitching?

i think she is coming along nicely.
 i must admit i did get off count and so i will fudge a few things. yet like my hubby says who will know?
i assume all stitchers make mistakes and i also know that when we first find them we debate to rip out or to keep going. sometimes even to put aside till the pain lessens. i didn't think with this type of sampler the miscount would really matter so after a few loud noises i continue on. i also decided to add our year with hers.
can you tell where i messed up?
keep stitching

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  1. Just found you blog - Love your Mary Wigham!