completing a project or two

well i must admit i haven't done much stitching the past few days.
i always have a ton of ideas in my head that are screaming to get out so this weekend i decided to set them free. or at least a few of them.
the first thing i worked on and completed easily was some new pillows for my favorite place to sit on my patio. i love this chase that my daughter bought me years ago and each morning it is my favorite place to have a cup of coffee with a book before starting my day.

the next project which took a few days and many bundles of my home grown lavender was my wreath. i made one a few years ago with a different method and look. they seem to get a bit dirty and dusty after a few years and lose a bit of there delicious smell.
this time i took a Styrofoam base and used some white glue and literally stuck each dried lavender in with a bit of chenille plant at the top and a few dried clematis flower pods scattered thru out.
 i decide this year to use my white lavender and i love the look. it is hard to see but the ribbon i tied at the top to hang it has a cute little bird straight pen i made from shrink paper. you wouldn't believe how messed up my craft room got when i was finally finished i had lavender every where and everything smelled so good.
this is the work in progress!

and here it is complete, hanging!

below is a close up. i love the chenille plant that hangs down the colors look a bit richer in person. the chenille plant is a faded red and the of course the lavender is deep purple blue and white. i had wanted to make a rectangle wreath but could not find a base to work with. maybe next year. i still have tons of lavender left and of course will find many ways to use it through out the year
 i enjoy the quick satisfaction from simple projects.
 every once in awhile i need to complete a project and this weekend i did!

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