glue and acorns

i usually think off and on throughout my day about what i will blog about during the week. what have i created that i wish to share. some weeks of course are more productive than others and that doesn't always make me happy but i have learn the ups and downs of being human. since i have been having such a problem with my wrist, yes both of them i have not been as much of a stitch addict lately. yet i do sew at least once a day for an hour. yet this past week or so i have been totally working on getting Judy Odell's Lady's Chest done. the stitching part has been done for weeks, but the foundation of the chest is another long story. i have cut out card stock and glued fabric to more pieces than i care to count. one chest made without stitched pieces on it did not turn out to my liking so i have started another.

as you can see all clipped and weighted down waiting to dry. i just hope i can get it done before say i turn 60?
yet when i was feeling so upset over this mess i received an incredible gift in the mail today from cesandherdishes.blogspot.com. I won i actually won this beautiful drawing.

who doesn't love a gift
and then a simple perfect acorn. 
some days its worth running to the mailbox.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful acorn ;0 you know who loves acorns ;0 me! So sorry your wrists are giving you greif! Hope the week ahead will be better.