Room Service PLease!!!

who doesn't like room service.
 please stand up or better yet maybe you need to sit down and let me tell you the best parts about hotels.
i have a big thing about hotels, when ever we go somewhere i like to try a new hotel. we go to Seattle quite a bit and when we can we stay overnight. this past weekend was another adventure in Seattle and i found a new hotel  for us. "Artic Club Hotel" when i first press the button to pay for a reservation i always have a funny feeling in my gut.
 i remember when we visited Paris, France many years ago and i went online and found a hotel/hostel for 25 dollars a night, i booked it and then worried "what had i done" i knew nothing about the area so i was nervous. When we got off the subway and found our way to our 5 day home it was great. clean, quiet and perfect location, for 25.00 dollars. my best find yet!
well this past weekend i knew that The Artic was a top hotel, 4 stars but still was it my 4 stars? it is a beautiful  hotel that had just been restored. it was originally a "Gentleman's Club" back in the early 1900's. the outside has big walrus's all over the front.
 Our room had a great view of one of my favorite buildings in Seattle, The Adams building. lite up at night is amazing.
the next important question that needs an answer is where will i stitch? look closely and you can see i am still working on Mary Whigham.
this was perfect, comfortable chair, a window with lots of light.
 the next best thing is Room Service!
  i had a great dinner and of course the next morning i had to have breakfast.
they even had french press coffee in the room!

 lovely yogurt and fresh fruit yumm

 the last question is how you sleep.
perfect, king size mattress and a fluffy comforter with lots of pillows.
umm where will we stay next?
FYI i just signed up for a pin cushion swap on quiltingjeannet.blogspot.com
if you are interested stop by and sign up by Sept. you have till November to complete the pin cushion.

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