A Name on a Sampler

what is in a name?
besides the fact that our parents probably took the time to pick out our names for each of us.
what does a name represent?
the first antique sampler i bought had allot to do with the little girls name.
Jane Morgan, i have always liked the name Jane simple yet old fashion and Morgan is my sisters name. i knew it was meant to be i had to buy the sampler. i would love to know where she lived, if she had sisters, was stitching something she enjoyed.
the sampler is rough, holes, bare spots and you can see where someone tried to sew it together. i love that it has all of its flaws and all the strange little motifs. i really love the alphabets.

and then the second sampler i bought.

again the name Emma Amelia Schmelzel, so unique. the connection for me is my daughters name is Emily
and of course when she was little Emma was a standby nickname along with Emmer and Em.
once again what is in a name.
 this sampler has a whole different feel to it. not something that would normally grab me but who could resist the unique frame, the name and of course the work that went into it. what happen to this little girl did she marry, have children?
 i love how New-York is stitched, did that represent something to her?
each sampler has many questions unanswered.
someday i hope to find some information on these young girls and the life they lead. 
yet the name is the starting point how we first greet the world and sometimes it may be how the world first greets us.

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