Sisters, just wanted to share

here is the finish gift to my sister. my hubby cut me a dowel to hang it on and i put all the trinketts on the bottom. i know she will love it. we don't always exchange gifts so i hope this will surprise her.
sometimes when you least expect it you open your mailbox and something different and unique is waiting for you.

i hope this is one of those days for her.
i send it with love and all the memories sisters share.
remembering the time we were suppose to be asleep but we would be in bed getting the uncle wiggly's out, or the time we sneaked off to a boys house when we were only allowed to visit girls.( very strict step dad) plus all the times we would stay up late, laugh and share the secrets that at the time seemd so important and now are long forgotten. the moments we shared through out our childhood holding on to one another for comfort and friendship. knowing that we would always love one another and be there for one another.
no matter how many times we disagreed we always find a way back to each other. i believe sisters do that for one another. forgiving is part of the true love of sisterhood.
if you have a sister (blood or not) take the time to let her know.

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